Universe and Atlantis will Crossover!

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I think I just heard the Atlantis fans go nuts! Either that or there’s a storm rolling in!

The news is breaking from Joe Mallozzi’s blog, and it’s a dosey! Joe wrote:

“With word from producer John G. Lenic that the deals have been closed on those Atlantis alums, we can now move forward on the script, secure in the knowledge that both extra-special guest stars will actually be on hand to say the dialogue written for specifically for them.  Great news for fans of the old series.  There was a reluctance to move ahead with an SGA crossover, particularly on my part, because the feeling was it would step on the timing of the SGA movie, Stargate: Extinction, the events of which directly proceed the Atlantis series finale, Enemy at the Gate.  But given the delay on the movie front and the ideal premise pitched out by Remi Aubuchon and Brad Wright, it was decided to go ahead with the crossover.  Not a big deal, but it will require some changes to the Stargate: Extinction timeline which, in turn, will beg a host of questions, some of which will be answered in episode #15, some of which won’t…at least not right away.”

Joe then goes on to explain the questions that might get answered in the crossover, as well as questions that definitely will get answered.

You know when SG-1 and Atlantis crossed over for “The Pegasus Project” and how much of the Atlantis cast stayed in the background while SG-1 had all the fun? It sounds to this fan like that will not be the case this time! Although the Atlantis cast members will be the guest stars on SGU, much as they were for “The Pegasus Project”, the questions that Joe is bringing up suggest that the Atlantis characters will be given plenty of attention.

According to Joe, the Atlantis movie, Stargate: Extinction, should have taken place by now but has not been filmed because of the poor economy. According to Stargate cast members the Atlantis city set has been dismantled, and you can find many pieces of it in the weekly Propworx auctions. Despite this, the idea of filming Stargate: Extinction has still not been ruled out! How they are going to do it without ever seeing the city is another question. They may have enough footage to recreate the set virtually, as was suggested by N. Johm Smith at the Creation Vancouver convention of 2009. The Stargate Command set had been transformed into the Icarus base set for SGU, and fans asked if we would ever see the SGC again. Mr. Smith said that after 10 years, there was plenty of footage to use to receate the set virtually if they need to. The same will hopefully apply to Atlantis.

It is also not known which Atlantis cast members will be seen . . . and Joe isn’t talking! Who these “extra-special guest stars” might be is also a mystery. Thanks for dangling the carrot, Joe! He only tells us that Syfy will make that announcement “when the time comes.” Let’s hope it’s soon because this Space Gypsy can’t wait!

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