Book Review: Her Majesty’s Explorer – A steampunk bedtime story

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Her Majesty’s ExplorerA steampunk bedtime story by Emilie P.Bush with illustrations by William Kevin Petty.

Whether you are a fan of Steampunk or not. Whether or not you are a Parent or Child. Even if you are a non-geek adult. Don’t miss out on reading this little charmer!

I am pleased to introduce to all, St John Murphy Alexander. Explorer! Foot Soldier for the Regiment! Automaton for Her Majesty! (And of course, Steamduck – in the bonus feature – Three Cheers for Steamduck)

This is the kind of story that makes grown men and women want to have these figures as a toy or collectors figure. I certainly would like to have a St. John Murphy Alexander and a Steamduck for myself.

Our Steampunk hero’s journey begins at dawn on a march and we tag along as the reader. Our children, pets, friends children and any and all who listen see the adventure as St. John Murphy Alexander marches through hot sun, rivers, mountain tops and more before coming back to his regiment. We find him on his return to be ‘gummed and gunked’ from his escapades. 

He cleans and refreshes and here is my favorite part, ‘he wiped his eyes, unscrews his ears and found a bug within.

All of the adventures are adorably depicted in illustration including the bonus feature with Steamduck and his pals.

Be sure to check it out at the link below and let me know how you like it!  

You can find this book here at 

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