A review of the Graphic Novel JETTA – Tales of the Toshigawa – FULL CIRCLE

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JETTA – Tales of the Toshigawa – FULL CIRCLE – Wade-Williams-Wade.   A MAW publication. 

Martheus Wade Creator, Illustrator, writer;  Janet Wade, Inker, co-writer;  Kevin Williams, Editor


Wow, so much excitement!

Having never read a graphic novel before and coming into a series (JETTA -Tales of the Toshigawa) I was a bit skeptical about getting much out of a graphic novel mid series.

Gratefully, the inside cover has PREVIOUSLY that not only set me up with the story, but actually got me exited to read further.

I found myself connected to the story visually right away.  It’s a story of  betrayal, family, romantic love, and the heroine’s potentially devastating decision that weighs heavily on her.

JETTA The female warrior! I do like strong female warriors, my favorite being Aeyrn Sun of Farscape fame.  And Shianndrea makes a particularly strong character – one you want to see win! 

Ninja! Shianndrea, who has now taken the foreboding name, Jetta, is caught up between the Toshigawa Clan and her Father, Terminus’. She’s been through the ringer, and only wants this fight to end.

Seems simple enough, right? Wrong.  Intrigue abounds!  Internal conflict is revealed!   Romance ensues!  

Incredibly visual fights, especially between our heroine and her father makes for some exciting reading/viewing.

The art is awesome.  The dialog crisp and precise.   I recommend this graphic novel to all.

I suppose I’m going to let my long term ‘Femi-Nazi’ out.   A name an ex-boyfriend was fond of calling me and I sorta embraced – not in the way he would have wanted me to!   Anyway, there are lots of big breasted extreme body defining cat-suited ladies.  Sword wielding, fist punching, karate kicking, bad ass women!  I. Love. It!  Really.  (and Terminus is rather hot, himself).

Let me say I intend to seek out women graphic novelists in hopes of finding some sexy body revealing clothed, male counterparts. Or perhaps I will write my own!

Check out Tales of Toshigawa here!   

And while your searching be sure to consider seeing this and many more at Anime Blues Con in Memphis, June 2012 see more here

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