The Monster Within- The Gates Episode 4

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Ahoy matey! There be spoilers below! The Gates Episode 4- The Monster Within guide is here!

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We begin this week with another action sequence of wolves running through the woods at night. We hear gunshots and howling. A wolf is hit. It goes down and the other wolves stop to help their fallen brother. They transform back into their human forms and we learn that it was Lukas that was shot. Brett approaches the group, distressed, shaking…and shirtless. He’s killed the hunter…

Nick and Sarah are cuddling in bed. She’s clearly trying to distract him from something. That something is the one year anniversary of Nick shooting the suspect that was in custody for multiple rapes and a murder. Nick goes all emo for a bit and Sarah reminds him that he’s got to buck up. Tonight is the Daddy/Daughter dance and Dana is counting on him.

Aparently Marcus’ apartment has no bed, or maybe sleeping in your twin bed shaped like a race car isn’t cool enough when you’ve got a girlfriend. Marcus tells the Coffee Stalker that he’s got to work late tonight. (Remember she’s living with him now). He’s covering for Nick while Nick is at the dance.

Andie’s father asks Andie if she’d like to get dinner before the dance. Clearly too old for a father/daughter dance, Andie says she’s too old for that kind of stuff. It clearly means a lot to her father and she gives in, granting him this one night. Ah, teenagers.

Nick finds out that Charlie has a girlfriend (Andie). Oh, and he’s carpooling with Dylan Radcliff and his daughter Emily, who will be spending the night. Surprise! Nick is less than thrilled considering how well Dylan and Nick get along.

Christian (Paul Blackthorne) calls Claire and asks her about tonight. She tells him she’s unsure and he reminds her that Dylan is out for the evening. Claire doesn’t look too certain.

The wife of Stan (the hunter from the opening) reports him missing. Stan was drunk and they got into a fight, so Stan went out in the middle of the night to hunt. His wife says that he didn’t come home, which is pretty normal for Stan. Marcus suggests that they wait for Stan to sleep it off, but Nick wants to investigate.

Andie and Charlie make out in the janitor’s closet…or maybe it’s the projector room? It’s hard to tell because it’s dark. Either way, they’re making out and the bell rings, stopping them from going any further.

Charlie goes to his next class but passes out before he reaches his desk. It looks like Andie’s succubus powers are heating up!

After passing out in class, Charlie goes to the witch doctor (Peg) and tells her that he was suddenly very dizzy before he passed out. He mentions off-hand that he’s been hanging out with Andie. Peg looks worried but covers it by telling Charlie he has “the kissing disease,” ie: Mono. Yay! Succubi can give you Mono! Who knew? Peg tells Charlie not to kiss Andie anymore. At the very least it was a good cover-up.

Nick turns the case of the missing hunter into a production and organizes search parties. Don’t people have to be missing for at least 24 hours before that happens? Then again, Nick doesn’t feel the need for warrants or probabil cause either.

Andie calls Charlie and tells him that she’s worried about him. He tells her he has Mono and asks her how she feels. She tells him she’s never felt better. Of course she’s never felt better! She just sucked you dry buddy! *cough cough* Anyway, Andie sees Brett in the hallway and tells him she wants to be friends. Brett has other things on his mind, like the missing hunter that he munched on the night before, and blows her off. She asks him since when has he started hanging out with Lukas and he simply shrugs and tells her that “people change.”

Lexie, the werewolf girl, sees Brett in the hallway and tells him that she’s afraid they may have left clothes behind. Honey, you left a lot more than clothes behind. You left a BODY behind!

Andie’s dad talks to Peg about Andie. He didn’t know anything about Charlie. Apparently it was fine for her to suck the life out of Brett but not Charlie? Go figure. Peg tells him that he has to tell Andie about her “condition.” He says that he will tell her tomorrow. He just wants one more dance with his daughter before she becomes a man-eating demon. Can you really blame him?

Nick and Marcus are trapsing around the woods…I mean, searching the woods, for Stan the hunter. Instead they find a football t-shirt and some blood. Nick tells Marcus to call the county crime scene unit to have the blood analyzed. What they don’t know is that Brett is sitting in a nearby tree watching.

The bloodwork comes back FAST. It’s wolf blood!

Nick calls Coach Ross (the football coach) into the station for questioning. He asks him if any of his players have been going out at night. How is the football coach supposed to know this? Wouldn’t that be a better question for the parents? Of course the coach does know and he denies everything. Anything for the team. After Coach Ross leaves Sarah calls Nick to remind him to pick up Dana’s corsage.

Brett finds werewolf girl Lexie and tells her that the hunter’s body was gone. He’s worried that the hunter may still be alive. She thinks they’re getting off scott free.

Dylan and Nick run into each other outside the florist just as it closes. Dylan hands him Dana’s corsage and the pair exchange an awkward conversation amounting to the theory that their wives are setting them up. There’s some nervous laughter with each man eager to get out of there.

The body of the hunter is now in the Franklin County morgue. He was found on the edge of Franklin Park, over 10 miles away. It appears that the cause of death was an animal attack. Things don’t add up. Really? They don’t add up? I could have told you that, unless there’s a pack of wolves that hangs out by the swing set.

Andie comes over to visit Charlie. She brings him movies, chick flicks mostly. Charlie is thrilled with the prospect of watching The Notebook, let me tell you. Andie tells him that she’s mono-free and that she’s feeling better than great. Of course she is! She sucked the energy right out of him. I’d feel great too. Just to be a tease (and to probably get more energy out of him), she tells him that she’d show him just how good she was feeling if he didn’t have mono.

Nick is having a total whiny girl moment over the past and Sarah tries to calm him down. Personally, I wanted to smack him, but that’s just me. Nick admits that he didn’t shoot the guy a year ago in self defense. He knew the guy didn’t have a gun (which is kind of obvious since I’m pretty sure they pat you down before they put you in the room for questioning. If he had a gun I don’t even want to know where he was hiding it). He knew there was no case even though the guy commited multiple rapes and killed a girl, so he killed him so he wouldn’t go free. He admits that he lied to Sarah about it and tells her that he thinks he’s a monster. Sarah, in short, tells him to suck it up and go to the dance with his daughter. They’ll talk about it when he gets home.

Claire meets Christian at a bar called The Red Door. She knows it’s wrong to be there but she tells him that when she’s with him she feels like her old self again. She likes her old self. Too bad the audience doesn’t get to see too much of Claire’s old self. We just have to assume that it’s different than her current reserved self.

Coffee Stalker is having a moment on the phone with Marcus. She’s apparently agreed to photograph the dance. She apologizes for taking so long to find a new apartment and Marcus admits he likes having her around. Maybe she’s buying him coffee now? We see her put a gun in her bag along with her camera equipment.

Once again Claire goes to the bathroom and comes out to find Christian talking to Barbara, The Gates’ resident gossip. Claire rushes over to interfere before Christian takes Barbara away for a little neck action. The exchange is awkward and Claire has “guilty” written all over her face. Barbara is the absolute worst person for them to have run into.

At the Daddy Daughter Dance Nick and Dylan talk while their daughters are off talking to their friends. They have a moment as they talk about protecting their daughters. Nick tells Dylan about the wolf blood found in the woods. Was he expecting to find wolf blood somewhere else? In an effort to make a joke about Chicago, Dylan remarks that there aren’t many wolves there. Nick replies that there are a different kind. (One of Chicago’s hockey teams is called the Wolves). Dylan tells Nick that he’s doing a good job as chief. That’s pretty stand up of him considering Nick has pretty much accused him of a crime…twice.

Coach Ross goes to see Brett. He tells Brett that he knows he lied. We all know Brett lied. Brett is clearly a very bad liar. The Coach tells Brett that he moved the body. He tells Brett that as pack Beta he could report him to the council. The Coach is clearly tried of covering up for Brett and kicks him off the football team.

So the question now is, who is pack Alpha? What is the whole werewolf pack structure within The Gates and who is this council?

As Andie and her father dance together, they share a tender moment when he tells her that she reminds him of her mother. Awwwww.

Claire freaks out to Christian about Barbara. She tells him that by the morning every woman in The Gates will know about them. He suggests that she leave Dylan, but she claims to love him. Christian tells her that Dylan is forcing her to lead a double life. Claire is offended by this comment and leaves. She knows she’s screwed.

After the dance Andie’s dad actually stays true to his word. He goes to her room and sits down with her to tell her about her condition and her mother.

Werewolf girl Lexie finds Brett who tells her that he’s going running. She tells him that no one runs without Lukas. In an unbelieveable turn of events it turns out the teenage Lukas is the pack Alpha…totally believeable, right? Lexie refuses to run with Brett, who pretty much tells her he doesn’t care and goes off by himself.

Nick takes a break from the Daddy Daughter Dance and calls Sarah to check in. Once again she assures him that everything is okay. Nick is a little bit needy.

Coffee Stalker sees Nick alone in the hall and tells him that Marcus has a question for him. She pulls the gun on him and tells him that he killed her brother a year ago. She forces him outside. Luckily, Dylan saw them leave.

She takes Nick out to the woods and tells him that she used Marcus to get inside The Gates. She informs him that she had intended to kill his family first, one by one, but the dance was the perfect opportunity to get him alone and unarmed.

Because he’s a stand-up kind of guy, out of nowhere Dylan appears, launching himself at Coffee Stalker and taking her down. Nick grabs the gun and points it at Dylan. After a moment Dylan stands up, blood running down his chin. Dylan says that he’ll explain everything but Nick needs to go and get their daughters and bring them home before the girls start looking for them. He’ll take care of Coffee Stalker’s body and no one has to know what happened there.

Nick asks what Dylan is and the episode closes with Dylan saying, “you know what I am.”

Tune in next week for another thrilling episode of The Gates!

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