Saving Hope: Save the Date!

PlayItGrand March 26, 2012 No Comments »

To following up on my original review and report, there have been some new developments regarding Michael Shanks’ new series, Saving Hope. The date has been set, so everyone should mark their calendars and set reminders to tune in to NBC on June 7th!

But wait, it gets better! The man who swore to fans that he would never join the growing ranks of celebrities (and his own wife) on Twitter has finally gone and done it! The @MichaelShanks profile, previously held by the Michael Shanks Online website team, has been handed over to the man himself! If you have never had the chance to meet Michael I recommend you pull up his Twitter feed, look for the tweet on March 19th when the account was handed over, and read from there. Reading as he fields questions, chats with fans, and interacts with other Stargate names like David Hewlett and James “Bam Bam” Bamford is the next best thing to seeing him at a convention Q&A!

Of course a big reason for Michael’s unexpected tweeting frenzy is to help spread the word for Saving Hope, so make sure you tweet using #savinghope and follow him for pictures from the set and the very latest news! If you haven’t seen the beautiful trailer for saving hope, check it out now!

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