Too Many Conventions? NEVAR!

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It’s April, and that means convention season is in full swing! MaryLouWho will be attending two conventions this month: Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) and ConGlomeration.

MTAC is a convention held April 6-8, 2012, in Nashville, TN, which focuses mostly on anime and Japanese culture. While we don’t cover anime often here at SpaceGypsies, it’s always good to expand your boundaries, right? MTAC was my first yearly geek convention, and this will be my 7th time in attendance. (Damn…when did I get so old??) It’s a constantly growing event, with last year’s attendance at just over 5600. This year MTAC will be held in a new location: the Nashville Convention Center and Renaissance Nashville Hotel. I’m looking forward to seeing how the new venue will allow the event to expand and increase its nighttime activities.

While anime conventions generally cater to a younger crowd, I’ve found MTAC is an exception. Of course there are middle and high schoolers without number, but there is definitely a healthy dose of adult material available as well. One of this year’s most exciting guests is Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver on Power Rangers. MTAC is also known to feature several musical guests. This year’s list includes “Notorious MSG,” “The Symphonic Anime Orchestra,” and many others. If you’re a Nashville fan of music, anime, or geekdom in any capacity, don’t miss this event!

I’ll also be attending ConGlomeration, a multimedia sci-fi and fantasy convention, in Louisville, KY. It is April 13-14, the weekend after MTAC. Will it be tough getting no sleep two weekends in a row? Yes. Will I do it? Absolutely.  And happily. I have never attended ConGlom before, but I look forward to it! It is known for its smaller, “relaxacon” atmosphere, and for its happening nightlife. There’s ample programming, and I’m told the masquerade is something to behold. Each year, the International Wenches Guild Local 77 hosts a “Jail & Bail,” where you can have your friends arrested and thrown in ‘jail’ for a small fee. This year’s event benefits the Korsair Children’s Hospital.

ConGlomeration will be held at the Louisville Ramada Plaza Hotel and Conference Center. It features guests artists, authors, and even gaming guests. I’m looking forward to the 24 hour game room and, of course, the room parties. If you’re near Louisville and looking for some fellow geeks to hang out with, this will be place to be!

Preregistration for both events is closed, but tickets will be available at the door.

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