MidSouthCon 30 was held March 23rd – 25th 2012 at the Memphis Hilton

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First I have to say, the guest were particularly fun!

Ethan Siegel, Science Guest of Honor 

Ethan Siegel, Science Guest of Honor – Mid South Con 30 – March 2012

Ethan fell in love with learning about how and why the Universe works the way it does at a very young age, and has spent his entire adult life pursuing that end.




Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen,

Media Guests of Honor


Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen are best known to fans for their roles as Maj. Don West and Judy Robinson on the 60s TV show Lost in Space.

With the focus on literacy there were plenty of Authors, Graphic artists and storytellers. I attended a screenwriters roundtable discussion led by Science Fiction Author Stephanie Osborn and playwrite, director and producer of Death Du Jour Mystery Theater Phyllis Appleby and walked away with some very helpful information.

I was so excited by the discussion I actually went home and wrote a short screenplay for practice. So much fun! While both recommended the Screenwriter Software, I downloaded the Open Office free screenwriting software and found it easy and fun to use. I’d never looked at any screenwriting software, but after viewing both I found the Open Office Free software fit my needs during the learning process.

There were many authors I didn’t get around to meeting all of them, but did catch up with a few, bought some books and had them signed by the authors. Author and filmmaker, Stephen Zimmer and the talented Georgia L. Jones were two that stood out and agreed to be interviewed. Those interviews can be seen here on SpaceGypsies.com.

I spent time perusing the art work and chatting with artists like Jim Hall, Dean Zachary and Mitch Foust to name a few. I found some really awesome Farscape drawings!

And from my generation the guests Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen from Lost in Spacewere very busy and well received!

Mark Goddard (Lost in Space) with Con Goers

MidSouthCon is one of my favorite small cons. The atmosphere is open and friendly, and of course there are the usual suspects wandering around in costumes.  This yearly convention is one I hope never to miss!

Once you see these guys you know for sure you are at a Con



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