Series Finale Review & Recap Part One (Spoiler Alert)

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but there are so many finale’s I can never keep up with them. I’m going to give a quick recap of what I have watched to help you decide what you want to see online.


I had mixed feeling about this series ending.  The writing had gone downhill in the past couple of years, on the other hand I love the characters. So for me this was bittersweet.  The ending however was wonderful!  The writers and Producers truly gave House the ending that it deserved.

In the past few episodes Wilson has been undergoing treatment for cancer.  Last week he chose to stop treatment to enjoy the time he had left rather than spending his remaining time in a hospital. Of course House has been doing anything he can to get him to change his mind.  Unfortunately his last trick has ended up with him being charged with a crime which will end him back up in prison to serve his remaining 6 months of his sentence.  Wilson only has 5 months, and House cannot get out of his parole violation for that time.

There is a silver lining in the form of House’ new patient whom cannot be saved.  He is terminal, and therefore wants to save House from his upcoming misery.  In the final episode it begins with House waking up in a burning building, next to his dead patient.  House goes through various hallucinations before attempting to exit the building before his eminent doom. Or so we think.  As Wilson and Forman reach the building they see House about to exit through the door, but before he can escape the building blows up.

The hospital Coroner confirms that it was House’ body they pulled from the wreckage. The scene is followed by Wilson and the other team members attending his funeral. While Wilson giving his eulogy he receives a text message from House, it says “Shut up already!”.  Wilson runs from the building to an area where House has told him to meet.  We find House sitting on the steps of a church, very much alive.  He tells Wilson he switched dental records before going to the place he supposedly died so he could spend it together with him.  Of course there’s the question of how he’ll get by since he’s suppose to be dead, which responds House “If I’m dead, then no one is looking for me.” .  The series ends with House and Wilson driving off to share 5 months of travel and friendship.



Yes, I know you don’t consider this a “geek” show, but to me it is in every sense of the word.  It’s the journey of four best friends and their neighbors who are so different.  There’s times when one or the other doesn’t feel welcome by the others, there’s heartache and loyalty despite what they have gone through together.  I’m totally geek, but was hooked on this show from the first episode.  It was witty, fun, sad, and happy.  Sometimes it made me cry, other times it made me laugh through the good times & bad.

In this last season the women are hiding the death of Gabrielle’s abusive father.  They each played a part in burying him in the forest after Carlos defending her from his attack.  During that time Bree is dating a homicide detective she breaks up with.  Then he ends up with the missing persons case of Gabrielle’s father, who has since changed his name and gone on to another life.  He is so mad at Bree for leaving him that he decides there is something suspicious about those women, so he sets his claws on Bree.  But just as he is getting close, he is killed in a hit and run accident.

When Susan’s husband Mike discovers that his boss is about to build condominiums on the site where they have buried the body of Gabby’s dad, he moves him.  Mike takes the body to the construction site he is working on, where he dumps him in a deep hole and fills it with concrete.  However a few episodes later he ends up being shot by a loan shark.  The loan shark his boss did business with.

Eventually Bree is charged with murder, yet refuses to rat on Gabby.  She is on the fast track to a guilty verdict when Mrs. McClusky dying from terminal cancer takes the stand confessing to the murder.    The charges against Bree are dropped and she goes back home.  (On a side note Kathryn Joosten who played Mrs. McClusky died of lung cancer last week.  She had been battling cancer since the 90’s when she left the show The West Wing (Mrs. Lanningham) after her diagnosis.)

The final episode ends with Susan moving to help her daughter Julie care for her baby while she’s in college.  Followed by Lynette and her husband Tom moving to New York City for her new job the following year.  Bree marries her criminal defense attorney, and they move away a few years later, followed by Abby & Carlos who move to Los Angeles when Abby is promoted to upper management.

A perfect ending to a fantastic show.  I will miss the housewives.



When the season finale ended the Winchester boys were in trouble.  So when are they not in trouble!  I’m very optimistic considering they have both been resurrected from the dead more than once. Bobby becomes a vengeful spirit, being tired of being that way he asks Sam & Dean to burn the flask that is allowing Bobby to return as a ghost.  They kill Dick the Leviathon, Crowley of course disappears to his favorite place, leaving Sam at in the lab at Supracorp.  Castielle and Dean are transported to Purgatory with nasty monsters looking to eat them.  Castielle disappears leaving Dean to fend for himself.

It will be interesting to see how they get out of this one, especially since Castielle refuses to fight.



This past season has been different with the addition of Bones & Booth having a baby, and the finale reflects this difference. This episode took quite a turn from the usual finales, where we are worried that Booth may not make it back from an injury, the war, etc.  This time the episode centers around Temperance (Bones), who has been framed for murder by a convict whose case she worked on.  Her evidence and testimony at the trial helped to convict him.

Although he is on house arrest with an ankle detection device, he has figured out a way to remove it without an alarm sounding or any detection through the monitoring system. He used this to his advantage to commit the murder, and to plant the evidence to convict Bones. Even though Booth & the lab crew know he did it, the monitoring equipment shows him at home, and the evidence he has planted leads to Bones as the murderer.

Booth wants Temperance to surrender while they figure out a way to get her out of this mess.  However her father wants her to get out of town while they work on a way to prove she didn’t commit the murder.  His reasoning is that once you are in the system and at trial it’s too late. So he works out a plan for her to escape with the baby until it gets settled.

The last we see of Bones it at her daughter’s christening.  While Booth runs to bring the car around, Bones’ dad bring her a car, straps the baby in the car seat.  He hands her cash & tells her to drive until she can’t go any further.  And that’s where it’s left, Bones driving off with the baby.


In part two I recap NCIS, Fringe and Castle.  In the meantime I hope this helps you decide what you want to see or watch again!

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