Stargate SG-1 Big Finish New Audio Drama!

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The first set of the two Big Finish SG-1 Audio Dramas came out at the end of May. The first of the three stories on this set is Half Life, by James Swallow.

James Swallow has written Stargate Novels as well as audio dramas, of which my favorite heretofore was Big Finish’s Shell Game.

Half Life is 100% engaging and Michael Shanks and Claudia Black bring Daniel and Vala’s adventure to life!  Imagine this… one of our favorite characters is shot- and it’s bad.  And poor Daniel is in the brig and can’t do a thing.  And Vala is being grilled for information!Cover Art Big Finish's SG-1 HalfLife Audio Drama

Swallow seems to have such a knowing grasp of the characters and a sense of the fun and drama I enjoyed during the series.

Oh! Wait! Did I mention the awesomeness of Cliff Simon’s sinister Ba’al? Yes, that’s right. Ba’al is tangled up in all of these stories!

Half Life’s dialog runs the usual Stargate SG-1 gambit. Funny, emotional, light, deep. The other SG-1 team members are off on other assignments and Daniel and Vala seem to get the boring one… which as we all know, are generally the worst ones.  And here we go with a great tale, a shooting of a favorite character, a ‘jail’ break, and off through the Stargate we go! (Finally, more Stargate adventures with SG-1 – or at least two of them).

I want so bad to give you more, but spoilers are not something you want in this Big Finish Audio Drama. You really will want to hear these yourself.

The next two on this first set are  An Eye for An Eye script by Sally Malcomb and Infiltration script by Steve Lyons. More continuing adventures with Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran and Ba’al and I’ll review these two soon.

If you don’t have any of James Swallow’s books or audio dramas they’re worth the read/listen.

You can get the Stargate SG-1 Audio Dramas here at BIG FINISH

Half Life gets five out of five wagons!  Yay for Stargate SG-1, James Swallow, and Big Finish!


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