Stargate SG-1 Big Finish Eye for an Eye

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The second of three segments of Part One of the Stargate SG-1 Big Finish Series is Eye for an Eye, by Sally Malcolm.

This segment starts out with a rescue by the Chinese ship, Sun Tzu.  And a good rescue it is until…

They are now prisoners! 

“You are under arrest.” Colonel Yin tells them.

Daniel: “What!”
Vala: “What!”

And weeeee! This continuing adventure with Daniel and Vala of SG-1 began in Half Life and takes off with more escapes, captures. Earth threatened, Ba’al his usual evil self.

The SGC is still locked down, Ba’al has created a hell of a mess with his cloning and only Daniel and Vala, with the help of Major Hunter and Vala’s friend Keto, are in a position to figure this mess out… that is if they can convince Colonel Yin to let them help!

I loved Vala’s scavenger friend, Keto, a delightful addition…it would be great to see more of him.  And of course I remember Major Hunter from the Big Finish SG-1 drama Gift of the Gods

Ba’al and his maniacal scheme gives us plenty of clones and no one knows who is who.  Is Ba’al’s host the real deal?

Claudia Black’s Vala is superb, with an emotional reveal of the horror of Qetesh and a retraction, which I’m convinced  is a cover up.

Michael Shanks’ Daniel Jackson, and Cliff Simon’s  Ba’al get into some strong exchanges of words.

There is plenty of “edge of your seat” action  and plenty of Daniel and Vala snark.  This part, An Eye for an Eye, is full of those SG-1 quips we all love.  Lots of surprises too!  You’ll keep wondering what the hell could pop up next.  And if Daniel and Vala have a plan that will help or get everyone killed!   I don’t want to give it  away so I’ll stop before I reveal too much.

Daniel translates the mysterious chant from one of Ba’al’s clones.  Vala gets tongue tied trying to sooth Daniel’s frustration and the mayhem continues.

This is an exciting addition and you’ll be so happy that you have the next story ready to play – Infiltration!  More on that one coming soon.

Get the Part One set of three CDs HalfLife, Eye for an Eye and Infiltration at Big Finish

I give this one four out of five wagons!  Still great and worth the listen!!

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