Stagate SG-1 Third Big Finish Audio Drama – Infiltration

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Steve Lyons’ penned continuation (third and last) of Part One of Big Finish’s Stargate SG-1 Audio Drama did not disappoint! This three CD set has been fantastic and fills the void left by the end of Stargate SG-1!

Infiltration blasts into action with Daniel and Vala on the run, literally. And managing to make you laugh with their ‘can barely breathe but manage to snipe at each other’ banter.

Infiltration is full of the Stargate SG-1 antics we all know and love. Clones gone wild! Last minute rescues! Great dialog! Dinosaurs! Huh? Dinosaurs? Yep, but just a few.

Once back to the only Earth ship still out in the Galaxy, under the command of Colonel Yin and with Major Hunter Daniel’s and Vala’s only link to SGC our duo finds themselves faced with Ba’al again… and he’s about to blow up the ship!

There are complications on Earth. Free Jaffa Allies compromised and in danger. And Ba’al’s cloning lab whereabouts discovered. What to do? What to do?

Daniel and Hunter are off to save the Jaffa while Vala takes her old friends (Keto returns with a few mercenary pals!) to track down Ba’al.

This entire series – Half Life, An Eye for an Eye and Infiltration – is very well done, great dialog, believable action and to have some of our favorite characters voiced by Claudia Black, Michael Shanks and Cliff Simon again is a treat you don’t want to miss! It’s great listening to them time after time.  I love having the series downloaded on my computer and having the CDs – especially for a long road trip… like to Dragon*Con!

Congrats to Big Finish for producing this stellar series. It’s a must have! Go now, right HERE and buy it!

I gladly give Infiltration five out of five wagons! 


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