“Blindness” Shows A Lot of Heart, But Lower Ratings

PlayItGrand June 28, 2012 2 Comments »

NBC’s new Canadian imported medical drama Saving Hope had been gaining steam, but the ratings have taken a sudden turn. The ratings for “Blindness” show an unexpected and drastic drop in the US. The ratings as reported by tvseriesfinale.com are:

0.5 in the demo (-29% episode-to-episode change) with 2.69 million. Season average: 0.63 in the demo with 3.30 million.

In Canada, the show had a strong 1.44 million veiwers, but that’s also a drop from 1.6 million the previous episode.

What could have brought about such a huge change? I’m not sure. Unless people are getting that sick of the lens flares, I’m not seeing a problem with the show itself. This show is far more than a medical soap opera. Yes it is slow paced, but the plot itself is fundimentally sound. It’s a show about a guy trying to wake up from a coma! How fast paced can you expect that to be? At the same time it certainly can be said that NBC needs to step up their advertising. There’s no reason why the show can’t do as well here as it has been doing in Canada, and CTV has put Saving Hope ads on public buses!

In “Blindness”, Alex has gained hope from the fact that Charlie’s hand moved. Since this happened after Dawn was trying to use coma arousal therapy, Alex thinks there’s a connection and decides to give it a try by stimulating Charlie sexually. From the moment the scene began I was talking to the TV. “Hun, the door is clear glass! They can see you! Did you even think to lock the door because I just know this is going to end badly!” As far as sex scenes go this was for more humorous than anything else, thanks to Charlie standing in the background drooling and complaining how unfair the situation is. Awkward? Yes. Worth it? Definitely!

Alex becomes so wrapped up in the hope that Charlie is going to wake up that it crushes her when tests show no signs of improvement. She takes a minute to herself, finding an empty room and curling up on the bed to cry. Even though it was the coolest transition ever, it still made me jump when Charlie suddenly sat up from the previously empty bed to peer over Alex’s shoulder. It triggers a flashback of Alex and Charlie together. It’s unclear how long they have been together, but Charlie has a rather odd way of proposing marriage to a girl! It makes me wonder how well they really knew each other, and when Charlie wakes up (because he has to!) will they still be the same people they thought they were?

Meanwhile Charlie seems to be embracing his role as as sort of councilor for people who pass away in the hospital. He doesn’t just follow Alex around. He always seems to show up where the action is. Whether he’s there out of curiosity or something draws him there, who knows. In this episode, brothers come in with serious injuries after having fallen thirty feet from a rooftop. It seems pretty cut and dry until one brother dies and can’t figure out how to move on. He winds up following Charlie around, learning about his new state of existence. Charlie isn’t really a guide on this journey. He’s more like the guy you sit down next to on an airplane. The only difference is that neither of you know where you’re going or when you’re going to get there. Somehow you just know that one way or another, you’ll get there. When the time comes, there will be a blinding light. It’s beautiful, but stay away from it Charlie!

There’s a relationship budding between Joel and Maggie, but it’s hard to say if it’s going to go anywhere. For the time being it is still just a side thread that doesn’t really connect to the main plot. I am continuing to give the benefit of the doubt about how it will effect the grand scheme. Until then, it really doesn’t hold any interest for me.

In “The Fight”, viewers who have been looking for some more action may get what they want, and in the blinding glare off of a vending machine Alex might see Charlie.

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  1. KarenNo Gravatar June 28, 2012 at 6:30 pm - Reply

    Wasn’t there a big sports event on? I don’t follow sports (obviously), but that would definitely affect the numbers and be no fault of the show.

    Anyway, I thought last week’s ep was the best so far. I know it’s only the third, but that says that it keeps getting better, which is good. 🙂

    • PlayItGrandNo Gravatar June 28, 2012 at 7:07 pm - Reply

      Thank you Karen! I think you might be right, it may have had more competition last week. The show is definitely growing and improving over all. I hope enough skeptical viewers will keep with it long enough for it to prove it’s worth.

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