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Amelia Pond with Amelia Pond!

TimeGate is one of my favorite conventions and I was uber excited to attend this year. I don’t remember how I first heard about it, but I thought, “Whhhaaaaaat? Doctor Who and Stargate together in one place?! It’s like they designed this convention just for me!” TimeGate 2011 didn’t disappoint, and of course we returned for the show in 2012. As expected, Doctor Who was represented considerably better than Stargate, but that fandom has been waning in recent years, especially since the cancellation of Stargate Universe last year. Encourage your friends to continue the wonder that is Stargate!
Despite being a relatively small convention, TimeGate 2012 featured some great guests! Caitlin Blackwood, who played young Amelia Pond in seasons 5 and 6 of Doctor Who, made only her second U.S. appearance at this year’s event. She’s a bit older now than she was on the show, but she was just as adorable. Miss Blackwood was surprisingly well spoken for someone her age and very gracious with her fans. Her question and answer session filled the

The adorable Caitlin Blackwood during her Q&A

main panel room and even got her mother talking a little. Both shared the experiences they had on the set of Doctor Who, and how their lives have changed since the show.
The big Stargate guest of the weekend was David Nykl, or Dr. Radek Zelenka of Stargate Atlantis. He was very intimate with fans during his question and answer session and kept the audience in stitches. He would be a great addition to any convention’s guest lineup. In addition to his work on Atlantis, Mr. Nykl has had guest appearances on many popular television shows including Fringe and Psych. He gave some insight into his work on those shows as well as his many international travels.
As always, the convention featured some fan favorite panels like the Stargate and Doctor Who trivia contests, the masquerade costuming event, and a

The Ken Spivey Band

Rocky Horror Picture Show style viewing of the Stargate SG-1 episode “Window of Opportunity.” Several costuming panels were held as well, including specific discussions on how to dress as companions Amy Pond and River Song. Doctor Who has brought a lot of new fans to the cosplay community in the last few years because its costume pieces can be collected rather than created. It’s a great bridge costuming fandom for many people and I hope to see it continue to increase cosplay’s influence on geekdom.

Another highlight of the weekend was Sunday afternoon’s performance by the Ken Spivey Band, which writes and performs Doctor Who themed rock music. Time Lord Rock, or “trock,” has become a recent internet sensation and the Ken Spivey Band is a fantastic example. Their show at TimeGate marked the official release of their newest album, “Memoirs of the Time War.” Renaissance fair veterans, the band gives an entertaining and interactive show, telling stories of some of the Doctor’s most recent adventures. You can pick up a copy of their CD on Amazon.

Obligatory picture of my costume with a friend’s amazing staff weapon replica!!

TimeGate is a great geekdom convention, and absolutely one all Doctor Who and Stargate fans should consider adding to their yearly schedules. The event’s organizers are holding a campaign to bring a Doctor to TimeGate 2013! There’s no word yet on which actors are in their sights, but to contribute to the cause, visit the convention’s website. TimeGate’s casual and friendly atmosphere provides a great little getaway; between the guests, panels, and parties, you’re sure to be busy all weekend. Hope to see you there next year!

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