True Blood Season 4 Recap & Review

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True Blood Season 4 Recap & Review

Wow, this has been another fantastic season of True Blood!  If you don’t own any of the DVD sets, I highly encourage purchasing them because True Blood just keeps getting better.  You can purchase the DVD sets at   I’m still hoping Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) end up back together.  If you’ve followed the press Anna & Stephen are married in real life.

After being taken to the Faerie world in the season finale of season 3, Sookie returns to find she has been gone for 12 months, rather than the two to three hours she believed she was gone.  While gone Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) has purchased her home in order to have influence over her.  The nasty Vampire has even built a hidden underground room where he can sleep during the day. Of course poor Sookie is freaked out to find workers at her home telling her she’s not the owner of the home, and irate that her brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten) has sold her home.

As the news spreads of Sookie’s return we catch up with the lives of the other characters in the show.  Bill is now the King of the Louisiana Vampires, Tara (Rutina Wesley) has settled down in New Orleans after changing her identity and extensive traveling.  Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) has moved in with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and is exploring magic.  Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) has joined a support group of shape shifters, and his brother has moved in with Hoyt’s mom. Arlene (Carrie Preston)  has given birth to her son, and is afraid the child is evil.  Sheriff Andy  (Chris Bauer) has become addicted to Vampire blood, and believe it or not Jason Stackhouse is responsible. Tara returns to town after Lafayette sends her a text that Sookie is alive, well and back home. Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) aren’t doing well together, and Jessica leaves him later in the season.  Unfortunately it’s Hoyt’s best friend Jason she’s attracted to.

Of course there is always trouble brewing in Bonne Temps, this season it is a Witch/Medium turned evil.  Marnie (Fiona Shaw)  owns an occult shop named the Moon Goddess, and up until she starts channeling a spirit named Antonia (Paola Turbay) a witch burned at the stake by Vampires in 1600’s Spain she’s just a nice fluffy bunny  Wiccan.   Antonia takes the opportunity to possess Marnie in an effort to wipe out all vampires.

In the meantime Sookie finds out that Alcide (Joe Manganiello) has moved to Bonne Temps from Mississippi, and has moved in with a werewolf who tried to kill her. In the end the woman betrays him and goes after Sookie, leading to her death.

Jason is kidnapped by a clan Werepanthers when he brings them food and supplies. Their sole purpose is to turn him, then use him to reproduce children.  The clan has so many problems from in breeding that they cannot produce offspring, and the ones that they have produced in the past have serious mental afflictions.  He has been tied to a bed, tortured, bitten and forced to copulate.  He finally convinces one of the children to free him so he can escape.

Jason Stackhouse

Jason is held prisoner

Sam falls in love with one of the female shape shifters, Luna (Janina Gavankar).  Later to find she is the ex-wife of the head of the werewolf clan.  He’s constantly causing Luna trouble over their daughter whom he wishes to spend more time with, and butting into Luna’s relationship with Samm. Samm has become close to Luna’s daughter Emma (Chloe Noelle) as a friend and protector. Later Samm  and Alcide are in a showdown with Marcus.  Unfortunately for Marcus he does not live, giving Luna some breathing space.

Bill sends Eric to send a message to Marnie “Get out of Bonne Temps and stop the Necromancy.”  Marnie and her group put an amnesia spell on him, and throw him out.  Sookie finds Eric wandering on the side of the road, and realizing he’s not himself takes him home to care for him.  While there she falls in love with him. After hearing what Marnie did to Eric,  Pam (Kristen Bauer) goes to try to stop her, only to have a nasty spell put on her that causes her flesh to rot and fall off.  But not just any flesh, her face.

The Vampires have declared war on Marnie and her group which includes Lafayette & Jesus.  But as time passes, and more attacks happen the group becomes fearful of Marnie.  When they try to leave she locks them in and puts a protective shield around the shop.  It’s so powerful that no one can get in or out it without being harmed.  It can seriously harm humans, but causes Vampires to burn up.

Marnie decides to use the same spell Antonia used to kill vampires, it compels them to leave their darkened rooms and walk into the daylight.  When Bill hears about this from Sookie he orders all vampires to be chained to their beds with silver chains to keep them from escaping and falling prey to Marnie’s spell. Jessica somehow escapes her chains and just as she is about to walk outside Jason Stackhouse comes to her aid.

Enraged Bill & the others decide to go after Marnie that night.  They lock her up in the basement jail cells of Bill’s home.  While locked up Marnie is afraid and has trouble getting Antonia to possess her for the power she needs to escape.  She finally convinces Antonia, who compels the vampire guards to let her out.  Of course she kills every one of them in her escape.

Of course Marnie is not done with the vampires. She shows up at a conference between the vampires and humans to honor notable vampires who have helped the community, which includes Bill.  She and her group proceed to put compelling spells on the vampires making it easier to kill them, but in the process she also kills humans who get in the way or are on the side of the vampires.  Most of the carnage is caught on a live Television broadcast before it’s shut down.

Now the war has escalated! Bill ignores the councils orders not to harm Marnie.  He gathers up the vampires with weapons, flame throwers and grenade launchers and heads to Marnie’s shop. Where they are stopped by the shield, and Jason telling them that Sookie is in there and if they blow up the shop they will kill her. Pam fires a rocket launcher only to find it bounces off the shield put up by Marnie.  In the process it almost kills Jessica.

Inside the shop Marnie’s followers are terrified of her and the vampires.  When one of them comes toward her enraged she stabs her with a knife.  Antonia separates herself from Marnie, telling her that is not what she signed up for, and will not harm another innocent.  Marnie uses magick to force  Antonia back into her body.   Upon observing this Jesus tells the group that they are now officially screwed if they can’t remove Antonia from Marnie.

Eric & Marnie

Eric & Marnie

Jesus uses this as an opportunity to get away from her while casting his own spell.  Jesus comes from a family of powerful Bruja Shamans, he is the only one that can save everyone.  He tells Marnie that the girl is still alive and needs to take her to another room to help her (he’s also a nurse), which she allows him to do.  He leaves her with Lafayette in the bathroom while he gathers up the necessary herbs to make a potion that will separate Antonia from Marnie.  Of course the girl is dead, but he needs her blood for this to work.  Jesus is successful, and when the shield around the shop falls the vampires rush in and kill Marnie.

Brining her reign of terror to an end, but not so fast.  She is dead but not done. That night she appears to Lafayette (who is a medium) while he is in bed with Jesus sleeping next to him.  She possesses Lafayette’s body, and the next day holds him hostage to get Jesus to give his Bruja powers to her.  As the power transfers she kills Jesus.

Not long after that Tara walks in to find Jesus dead, and runs to Sookie and Jason for help knowing that this is Marnie’s work.  Sookie realizes that Marnie will be after Bill & Eric for killing her, prompting them to rush to Bill’s home.  When they arrive Bill and Eric are tied to a giant wooden stake with silver chains, when they try to stop Marnie she sets the wood beneath Bill & Eric on fire.  While Sookie keeps Marnie distracted Holly (Lauren Bowles)  casts a circle of salt around them and the vampires.  Marnie is not able to cross the magic circle, allowing them to chant asking help from their ancestors.  The dead arise from their graves, including Sookie’s Grandma Adlele (Lois Smith) and Antonia.  They have come to take Marnie to the other side where she belongs.  Antonia puts out the fire beneath Bill & Eric while the other spirits are able to convince her to leave Lafayette and go with them. She leaves with them allowing the others to free Bill & Eric.

Bill & Eric Burning At The Stake

That episode ends with Tara being killed by Alcide’s ex girlfriend when she tries to kill Sookie.

If you are able to watch season 5 I wish you happy viewing.  If not I will post occasional recaps here.  Just a note, I will be at Dragon*Con and in the audience for the True Blood panels, if you are there hopefully we can meet.

As always take care and enjoy season 5,





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