“Out of Sight” Takes Saving Hope to New Highs and Lows

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This show has yet to plateau! “Out of Sight” is one of the best episodes that Saving Hope has offered yet. It had the perfect balance of humor, medicine, and heartbreak.

Part of the heartbreak begins with the ratings. According to TV by the Numbers:

Saving Hope drew a series-low 0.4 rating, down three tenths from last week’s 0.7 adults 18-49 rating . 

The most obvious factor for this low rating could be NBC’s doing. They did not show a preview after the previous episode. This will have left many viewers believing that Saving Hope would not be on, possibly because of the 4th of July holiday. It’s not a stretch. Then you get used to seeing a preview after the first three episodes and then suddenly there isn’t one, it’s easy to assume that the show might skip a week. So good job NBC, you let three tenths of the viewers just assume it wasn’t going to be on.

In “Out of Sight”, a rare double hand re-attachment surgery comes to Hope Zion and everyone wants to be a part of the historic event. Charlie meets Scott (Shawn Doyle), an embittered man who has been in a coma for over 27 years, and thinks that being stuck in spirit form is the best thing ever. Five weeks of tending to Charlie and working extra to pay for his coma arousal therapy is taking a toll on Alex and she’s sent home, her job in jeopardy. With a little coaching from Joel she goes back to the hospital and shows everyone just how talented she is. Meanwhile Maggie gets saddled with a John Doe in bad shape and she thinks there’s more going on than Dr. Melanda Tolliver realizes.

I finally have some appreciation for Maggie now. I can’t say that I liked her before, and I’m not sure that I actually like her yet, but seeing her take a huge risk to save a man’s life has gone a long way to changing how I feel about her. Seeing him in distress, with no one around, she did what she had to do knowing that if she was wrong he likely would have died and her career would be over. The English major in me had to giggle at her nicknaming him Mr. Darcy. The geek in me had to laugh at her complete lack of sci-fi knowledge as Gavin supplied her with the correct Star Wars terms.

Charlie learns a lot from Scott, but it scares him to see such a cynical man, abandoned by his wife who he believes never loved him. Charlie sees a parallel with him and Alex as he watches her continue her life and he can’t wake up. For a bit he realizes that Alex may forget about him and move on. But like Scott, Charlie learns that he’s wrong. After a grueling surgery and celebratory party at the home she shared with Charlie, she comes back to the hospital to see him. The most beautifully heartbreaking scene ever follows, along with a very sweet and romantic flashback. By the end of the episode I was a puddle on the couch.

Seconds later I was in a rage because NBC once again did not give a preview for next week’s episode. Their horrendous and inexcusable error was made worse by the CTV viewers (who did get a preview) immediately spoiling it on Twitter! Let me be clear, I don’t blame the CTV viewers. It’s not their fault that NBC is utterly stupid. If NBC eventually says that they are not interested in another seasons of Saving Hope, it will be entirely their own fault, because if you suddenly don’t show the preview after weeks of showing one, the average casual viewer is going to assume that it’s not on the next week. The low ratings for “Out of Sight”, after there was no preview last week, give truth to that. Shame on you NBC!

“Out of Sight” did a better job of showing some cohesion among the staff of Hope Zion. The theme of the episode, which I would theorize as being “Out of sight, out of mind”, runs through almost all aspects of the episode apart from the hand surgery, which was pretty darn cool. While Alex is determined to put on a brave face, her co-workers – beyond just Joel – are finally starting to come around and support her better than previously. I definitely like where this series is headed. I am thrilled that I can confidently give this episode five SpaceGypsy Wagons!

Despite the lack of a preview again or a trailer available on the website, Saving Hope will air “The Great Randall” this Thursday at 9/8c, and a psychic hypnotist will help Charlie and Alex to reconnect. Since NBC is doing a lousy job at promoting the series, I would like to call on my fellow fans to help spread the word. Use #SavingHope or #PromoteSavingHope on Twitter, and tell everyone you can, “It’s ON!”

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