Geeks UNITE!

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We’ve all seen them in the news, the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at military funerals. Their signs are hateful and often accuse the soldier of false acts. They are disrespectful not only to the fallen soldiers, but to their families and friends. You may not agree with the war and that’s okay, but everyone should show some respect for the men and women who voluntarily give their lives to try and protect us. I’m not even going to touch on the complete and utter hypocrisy of a church that promotes such hateful thinking and yet call themselves Christian. Not going to touch it. Not with a ten foot pole.

Why then is the Westboro Baptist Church showing up at Comic Con? I wondered that very thing myself. Were they proclaiming their usual rhetoric against homosexuals and the war? What was the church thinking protesting at Comic Con? You’re protesting in front of the largest gathering of bully victims on Earth! Probably every single one of those fans has been picked on at some point. Put them all together and you’ve got one big mob of empowered individuals. Let me tell you, those con goers weren’t going to stand for it outside their own con!

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Dressed as superheroes, ninjas, Jedi, anime characters and more, all brandishing signs that read “All Glory to the Hypno-Toad” and “Satan’s Cake is a Lie” the geeks united and put up their own protest against this hate-mongering organization. They stood strong and tall in their Jedi robes, furry costumes, school girl uniforms and anime wigs against all of the hate and fear the Westboro Church tried to bring with them. My personal favorite? Buddy Christ (Dogma) carrying a sign that read “God loves Every Body!”

Did any of it make much of an impact? Perhaps. At least the Westboro Church has learned you can’t mess with the freaks and geeks of this world. Our numbers are greater and together we will stomp out evil!

July 22, 2010, was a day that will go down in geek history as the day the geeks inherited a small slice of the Earth. Personally, I have never been so proud of my geek brothers and sisters.

For more pictures and the complete (original) article please visit Comics Alliance.

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