DRAGON CON 2010- Hurry up! Sign up! Don’t miss it!

SpaceGypsy1 July 27, 2010 Comments Off on DRAGON CON 2010- Hurry up! Sign up! Don’t miss it!

Wow! Legions of characters swarm around from conference center hotels with costumes so bizarre you wonder if they are real, or simply ‘Jayne’ hats that once you notice the second one, or the third one then you get it and realize by the 100th, how popular Firefly really is!

Klingons saunter down the walkways or have a beer at the bar with Stormtroopers.

Darth Vader and Kayle have a casual chat outside.

Andorians and Reavers wait in Starbucks lines.

Steampunks and their amazing costumes mill around posing for pictures and mixing it up with Ninja’s, Battlestar Galactic cylons and Wraith queens.

SG-1 and SG-Atlantis teams in every BDU you’ve ever seen are rushing to the next Stargate panel, followed closely by a few Romulans.

Aeryn Sun and John Crichton run past you as you make your way through the throng of Con goers, (Aeryn carrying that amazingly large gun).

Anime characters scurry through the masses on their way to meetups.

Vulcans go up the up escalator as Ori Priors go down the down escalator.

It’s a fantastic sight! Not to be missed.

SpaceGypsies will be there reporting, videoing and getting all the things you missed out on to post right here– you know – We Fan Girl So You Don’t Have To! That means you don’t have to angst over going to one panel and missing another one!

Here’s the scoop. Plan to come. Everything you need to know is here!

Look for me, SpaceGypsyMama, I’ll be there somewhere!

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