“Consenting Adults” Get CTV’s Approval

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“Consenting Adults” continues to up the ante even as the ratings stay stubbornly stagnant. As TV By the Numbers reports:

On NBC, Saving Hope was flat with 0.5 adults 18-49 rating.

No viewers who were lost the week of the 4th of July have returned. Does this mean that they weren’t that in to the show to start with, and it’s just a coincidence that these viewers stopped tuning in immediately after NBC stop showing previews for the next episode? It’s impossible to be sure, but I’m inclined to believe that there is a connection.

Fortunately, as far as the future of Saving Hope is concerned, NBC’s promotions blundering may not matter anymore! As announced yesterday by @SavingHopeTV and retweeted by Michael Shanks, CTV has ordered a second 13 episode season of the new medical drama! It has had a much stronger audience in Canada than it has in the US. (Read more about it in CTV’s press release.) This is exciting news because it means that no matter what NBC does, there will be a second season. The only question is whether or not NBC will air the second season, or will US fans be stuck scouring the internet for, ahem, “other” sources? Well, NBC?

WARNING: Spoilers follow! Read on at your own risk!In ‘Consenting Adults’, a young engaged woman named Sandhja comes in to have a small tumor removed and after having an adverse reaction to an antiseptic, she goes into a coma. While there she teaches Charlie a thing or two about his state of existence, and he teaches her something about love. Charlie’s ex-wife Dawn returns, but this time she’s not so supportive. A man with self-implanted devil horns comes in because they are infected, and Joel learns that he can be a selfish judgemental jerk even while he’s trying to save someone’s life.

Last week it didn’t feel like we saw very much of Charlie, despite the circumstances. This week made up for that in spades. Watching Charlie and Sandhja sing was just the cutest thing ever. For those fans flabbergasted that Charlie kissed her, I have a theory on why. Sandhja was on her way back from her coma, and she could feel it. Charlie wants to wake up more than anything. I think that Charlie was trying to feel a little of what she was feeling so that maybe he could latch onto it and wake up too. He already had permission to kiss her, and what else could he have done? It’s unfortunate that it didn’t work, but I think there is still something that Charlie has to do before he can wake up.

As the show goes on I’m seeing an increasing number of complaints about Charlie’s prolonged coma. I’d like to ask those fans a question: If Charlie wasn’t in a coma, what would the show be about? That’s what makes it a unique show! Someone has to have a way of seeing things differently or nothing will change for these characters. That’s the whole point. So Charlie has to find a way to come to terms with the coma, and then he may wake up. Until then we just need to be patient. When he does wake up, the show will have to reinvent itself, for better or worse.

I am becoming concerned about the future of the Charlie and Alex flashbacks. They are getting shorter and less poignant. This time we got a lovely scene of Charlie and Alex at dinner, discussing a farm that belonged to Charlie’s aunt and uncle, now up for sale. Alex decided that they should buy it, and Charlie seems both surprised and happy with the prospect. Unless this is going to come up in the future, I don’t quite see the point to this particular flashback.

The lens flares seemed to be back with a vengeance in this episode. I’m not sure if that is because I managed to ignore them in the last couple episodes or if there really were more this time, but either way they were annoying. As much as I enjoy the show, now that they have another season to make, I hope they take this one criticism to heart: Tone down the lens flares, or at least don’t put them across people’s faces!

Charlie seems to finally be taking a stand as far as Dawn is concerned. After watching her grill Dr. Hamza about Charlie’s chances of waking up, Charlie seems to realize that there’s more to Dawn’s visit than concern for him. The truth, and the shocker of the episode comes at the very end when Dawn marches into Charlie’s room and tells Alex that she thinks that there should be a Do Not Resuscitate order for Charlie, and she’s filing for the ability to make decisions regarding Charlie’s care. The terror on Alex’s face is palpable, and I felt it right along with her. Will the law favor the ex-wife, or the fiancee who was just hours away from being Charlie’s wife?

In “Heartbreak”, Alex and Dawn lawyer up to decide who is going to have Charlie’s power of attorney. Charlie is too busy to help the spirit of a heart donor. Make sure you turn in to NBC at 9/8c!



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