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Dragon*Con! The worlds most awesome, fan run, SciFi, Fantasy, Comic, Anime, convention… and why you need to be there.


Dragon*Con is held every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. It is attended by more than 40,000 geeks and a few hundred tag alongs. And I want to encourage everyone to attend. Dragon*Con 2012 is only 28 days away. Registration is well on it’s way and you really need to take the leap of faith, register and make hotel reservations.

Why Dragon*Con?

Well, let’s start with Dragon*Con’s own words.

“Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe!”

Check out their 2012 guest list to date right HERE.

This is where you can literally bump into some awesome Sci-Fi/fantasy/horror stars, say “Hi”, chat, get their autograph… or stare mouth agape.


You can get autographs from just about any of the guests. I’m not an autograph seeker usually, but I did get Claudia Black’s for myself! I’d done a small piece of mixed media artwork on a hand held fan I had her sign. Then I brought along an extra (duplicate)…just in case and she said she would love to have it! I chatted with her a few days later and she remembered me, and told me the fan came in handy! She and Rachel Luttrel shared it when it got stuffy in the room. How fun is that!?


My first time at Dragon*Con I was scooting between two people in the crowded Walk of Fame when a guy turned suddenly and we bumped shoulders. Ron Glass (Shepard Book-Firefly) laughed and apologized. I just stared star struck.

The following year I was trying to rush through – again, this time my focus on getting to Jonathan Frakes (need I say it? Actor, Director – Commander Riker Star Trek the Next Generation), when I literally bumped head on into Brent Spiner. Gentleman that he is, he too apologized, grabbed my shoulders and gently set me aside. He beat me to Jonathan Frakes!

There are so many fun things I could remember from my Dragon*Con experiences in the Walk of Fame, but it would take me days and days to recount. I will point out that when I got a Ghost Hunter’s t-shirt signed by the cast for my daughter, I turned to see Sean Maher’s (Dr. Simon Tam – Firefly) line suddenly very short. He is a favorite of my daughter’s and mine. So I rushed over and asked him to sign the Ghost Hunter’s T-shirt for her. He loved the idea and right in the middle of the Ghost Hunters cast signatures, he scrawled his! Then he proceeded to expertly fold the shirt to fit back into the plastic bag, and turned to Morena Baccarin commenting that he had worked at a retail outlet and he still remembered how to fold t-shirts.


There is nothing that compares to seeing your favorite casts on stage answering fan questions and recounting fun incidents, slipping up with sneak peeks they weren’t supposed to release and often hysterically funny antidotes. The lines can be very long so get there early!


The vendor rooms are the best I’ve ever seen. There is so much to see and buy you will have to be careful not to get lost bargaining for that one special item you just can’t find anywhere else. Exquisite jewelry, collectables galore, unique items you will not find elsewhere and fascinating art.




This is one of the best things about Dragon*Con. You can book a photo op with your favorite person! But… hurry, you need to book it before you go and as soon as possible! You can book your photo op at the convention as well, but it’s a good idea to book early via the Dragon*Con site because sometimes the photo ops with the bigger starts are booked when you get there.






In case by some wild circumstance you don’t know about the parties, the late night concerts, or the hotel bar scenes… just wander around… you’ll find them. And Dragon*Con is best place to party with and meet up with other geeks, non-geek but geek lovers, and probably the most Storm Troopers partying you will ever see! Ever.


All I have to say is don’t miss it and bring your camera! It’s held Saturday morning and believe me after many years of Mardi Gras Day French Quarter walking parade I thought I’d seen the best… nope. Dragon*Con Parade is by far the most spectacular spectacle you will ever have the pleasure of seeing.


Costuming, costume watching, costume picture taking, costume wearing, costume workshops. It is by far the best costume party you will ever attend. I particularly enjoyed the costumes from boxes… like beer boxes, cola boxes. There’s an entire sub-culture going on with the costumes made out of boxes.




This is what I most want to see this year!  I am looking forward to Claudia Black’s lovely voice in the screening of Strange Frame: Love and Sax at the Film Fest. In Strange Frame: Love and Sax Claudia voices one of the main characters, Parker C Boyd, a saxophone musician.  Set in the 29th century on one of Jupiter’s moons, this Sci-Fi animated film is about love, music and the cost of fame.

The complete list of films this year can be found at the FilmFest page here.


The puppetry track is brand new this year!! Lots of goodies to see, so check this new track out. Don’t miss out on Bob and Carl –and they tweet! @bobandcarl. They’re the Dragon*Con janitors. (Don’t call them puppets, they think they are real people.)

There are so many new guests this year and lots of our favorites returning so be sure to put some time aside to take a long, long, long look at Dragon*Con’s guest list – to date – because they are always adding more people.

I hope to see you there!

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