Saving Hope Returns with ‘Bea, Again’

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Saving Hope Returns with ‘Bea, Again’

After three weeks of holding our breath and hoping that Charlie would keep breathing, Saving Hope finally returned to NBC, and it did not disappoint!

According to

After flirting with season highs based on the fast nationals, the Nielsen finals show the summertime medical drama delivering its largest audience since June 14, hitting 3.3 million total viewers — up 17 percent from its last pre-Olympics outing. Hope’s 0.6 demo rating, meanwhile, held steady, matching its best performance since June 28.

If Saving Hope can maintain these numbers, maybe NBC will reconsider whether or not they will air the second season of the series. As of this Sunday there has been no word yet on what NBC will do.

‘Bea, Again’ picks up right where we left off before the Olympics. Watching Alex disconnect Charlie’s respirator was one of the most heartbreaking scenes we have witnessed yet. Fortunately, Charlie isn’t done fighting, and neither is Alex. As Charlie’s body continues to breathe, Alex has her lawyer go through the hearing with a fine tooth comb, looking for any errors in the legal proceedings. When she finds nothing, the rest is up to Charlie to hang in there.

For the first time, Charlie bumps into an old friend who has joined him on his plane of existence. Doctor Mack Macilreath appears to have been both a supervisor and mentor to Charlie during his medical career. He seems a bit callous though, like the Charlie we see in the flashbacks throughout this episode. After Doctor Macilreath’s arrival, which is the result of his cadaver being brought to the hospital for the medical students to work with, things start to fall into place. Once Charlie tells him that he has been taken off life support, Mack thinks he is there to help Charlie move on.

Even though Alex is reluctant to leave Charlie’s side she agrees to see one particular patient. Bea is a young woman who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma four years earlier. That was Alex’s first day at Hope Zion. The day she met Charlie. Since then Bea comes to the hospital for regular checks to make sure the cancer remains in remission. After Charlie coached Alex through Bea’s surgery, Dr. Macilreath took over. When he died several months ago, Charlie stepped in. Now it’s Alex’s turn, but she’s not alone. When Charlie sees a symptom of a brain tumor, Mack doesn’t think there’s anything they can do. Charlie proves him wrong. Despite the dire circumstances, I cracked up when Charlie, yelling for Bea to hear, says “I am the voice in the back of your head!” And voila! Bea turns around and goes back to find Alex! Mack is astonished, and Charlie merely says, “Did I just do that?”

Things went from “finally!” to “argh! Maggie you idiot!’ between Gavin and Maggie. She pretty much shuts him down by telling him she’s seeing someone – never mind that she and Joel have not been seen together since the whole “I want to be your boyfriend” discussion – and it hurts Gavin. Later she realizes her mistake and tries to patch things up, but it’s like trying to stick a band aid back on after you’ve taken it off. Now that Gavin knows what Maggie thinks, he can’t forget it.

Through the course of the episode, Charlie’s breathing has gone from just okay, to painfully labored, to as strong as any healthy person. With Alex’s urging, Dawn comes to realize that Charlie is not as far past hope as she originally thought, and she removes the D&R order from Charlie’s chart. So Charlie is no longer in immediate danger, but who knows how long that could last. Dawn still has the power to change her mind. If Charlie remains in a coma, completely unresponsive,  Dawn may decide to start this all over again. However, Alex has been inspired to check Charlie’s diagnosis. Will they find the true problem and be able to help Charlie wake up? Or is the problem in Charlie’s mind, but not in his physical brain?


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