“A New Beginning” Brings Better Ratings and More Hope

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“A New Beginning” Brings Better Ratings and More Hope

Since its return following the Olympics, things have really been looking up for Saving Hope. According to TV by the Numbers:

On NBC, Saving Hope earned an 0.8 adults 18-49 rating, up 33% from last week’s 0.6.

This may finally prove to NBC that Saving Hope has a future with them. Despite efforts to kill the show by not showing any advertising, the show is picking up steam. If the ratings can continue to grow or at least hold steady until the last episode, hopefully NBC will realize it would be wise to pick up the second season that CTV has ordered.

In ‘A New Beginning’, things have gone from a straightforward medical diagnosis to “He’s healed, so why the heck won’t he wake up?” A new scan shows no signs of trauma to Charlie’s brain, and he is still breathing normally. The fact that he’s still in a coma is a complete mystery. Alex is thrilled though, and even though Charlie doesn’t want her to settle on his condition, she is too pleased with his improvement to push things just yet. For the moment, it’s up to Charlie.

Kendra (Kari Matchett), a therapist who plays a doctor on TV, tries to “expand her mind” by taking magic mushrooms. Something goes wrong and she winds up at Hope Zion in critical condition. When she dies, Charlie tries to help her move on but she turns the tables on him, literally pushing him in a way he’s never been pushed before. Charlie tells her that his brain has healed, so if nothing is wrong physically, Kendra thinks it must be a mental problem that is preventing Charlie from waking up. For a second I thought Kendra was going to tell Charlie to release his burden and I was going to die laughing, but watching Charlie struggle to deal with this pushy, determined shrink was both heartbreaking and hilarious enough.

Joel and Dana take a road trip. Can’t get much more awkward than being stuck in the car with your boss when her position as Chief of Surgery has been re-opened for cross-country applicants, right? Practice case studies turn into the real thing when a friend of Dana’s gets trapped under an overturned 10 ton truck. Dana shines, and while she may have been hard to like, she really shows herself in this episode and it goes a long way to explain why she’s as scary as she is. The situation pushes both Dana and Joel to open up in new ways. But when that led to something totally different, I found myself yelling, “Really? REALLY?” This was preceded and followed by brief kisses between Joel and Maggie. Honestly, Joel may be a great doctor and he may have learned how to set aside his arrogance when it matters most, but when it comes to relationships  . . . . oh boy.

‘A New Beginning’ was a really fantastic episode that showed some new aspects of the characters. There are new fears to deal with, new challenges to overcome, new relationships (for better or for worse), and a new level of hope that somehow things are going to turn out okay. In some ways it feels like the show has been revitalized, never mind the fact  it was going strong in the eyes of fans before. If ‘A New Beginning’ is any proof, things will only continue to get better and better.

Saving Hope has three more episodes before the season ends. I want my readers to know that though I’m going to do everything I can to watch the episodes when they air, reviewing the next two episodes within a week’s time will be unlikely due to Dragon*Con! So please remember to watch the final episodes of the season, and check back here in the weeks after Labor Day for my catch-up reviews. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

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