The Feminine Geek

SpaceGypsy1 July 23, 2010 Comments Off on The Feminine Geek

There’s a USA Today article many may find interesting…note, it’s by a guy about Geek Girls titled Girl Geeks are Finding Their Moment in the Sun by Scott Bowles.

While this story highlights the Geek Girls at Comic Con, it points out that Geek Girls everywhere love gaming, writing science fiction and crafting geekable illustration -comic books and graphic novels.

It’s great to see this kind of article focusing on the equal geekiness of the feminine gender.

I don’t agree with a quote attributed to Rosenburg…’women tend to ask questions in the vein of how it feels to be that hot a vampire‘ I find the phrase…”women tend to ask” unrealistic.  It makes us sound like we are all giggling and hot for the vampires (or whoever) and have no other reason to be geekified – we only want to ask about hot guys.

Sure, we ask it! Geek Boys tend to look at hot game illustrated chicks and Playboy.  Okay, so we have the guts to ask about hotness. It all balances out on the playing field. But we also ask the questions about polynomials and plot lines – depending on our personal path to geekiness.

I do love this though – (Jenna Busch author of the blog Girl Meets Lightsaber speaking to the female involvement in certain video games and the reaction of a room full of Geek Boys) “You should see their faces when I’m playing God of War III,” she says. “They cock their heads, like dogs hearing a strange noise in the distance.”

Read the article here at USA Today.

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