Post Dragon*Con Blues

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We’ve all experienced those post-convention blues. You get into a routine and sometimes it’s hard to go back to “normal.” Here are some of our post-Dragon*Con blues. What are yours?


When you see the word “con” in a sentence (i.e. “con artist”), you’re confused because  you think it’s referring to Dragon*Con.

When you walk into a crowded room, you’re disappointed that no one’s taking your photo.

You get into the longest line at the checkout because you miss queues.

You get annoyed when you have to walk outside to get to your destination.

Whenever you enter your house, your first instinct is to turn on DCTV.

After you realize there is no DCTV, you visit their YouTube channel.

You get really excited about fruits and vegetables….and refrigerators.

You panic slightly when you check for your badge, and it’s not there.

You almost get into an up elevator because for a moment you fear an empty “down” elevator will never come.

When you need help or directions you automatically look for someone with a Dragon*Con volunteer lanyard.

When you go to places with lots of people you can’t figure out why no one is cosplaying.

You expect to find a water cooler and cups almost everywhere you go.

When you pack for a non-con related trip, you still automatically refer to your con packing checklist and pack cameras, autograph books, and geeky t-shirts before you realize that all you need are the geeky t-shirts.

The first thing you do when you go back to work is put your favorite picture up as your computer background.

Your camera tripod is still in your car months after the con because putting it away is too depressing.

You have already started the day countdown to next year, and you have the widget on your smartphone to prove it.


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