Josh Gates – Destination Truth Q & A Dragon*Con 2012

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Josh Gates – Destination Truth Q & A Dragon*Con 2012

So, I have this great affection for Destination Truth on the SyFy Channel. The host, Josh Gates, is a funny guy with a taste for adventure!

He is often called a “Monster Hunter,” and freely admits to having a favorite  hunting… the Yeti.  Josh Gates is the consummate story teller whose medium is a fast paced adventure fraught with creepiness, frolicking good times, scary moments, hilarious antics, and dangerous situations.

I met Josh Gates at Dragon Con 2012 in Atlanta on several occasions. I’m sure he wanted to run when he saw me returning several times. I am so in love with this show I can’t help but keep coming back to his table and his panels!

Josh Gates is one of the very few TV personalities I’ve  met whose aura and persona is relaxed and truly genuinely friendly.

If you haven’t seen Destination Truth, you are missing out on some incredible entertainment. Josh and his crew get into seriously strange, often alarming or hysterically funny adventures. I have not once been disappointed in his show.

I have often been surprised, scared, horrified (the food that man will eat! Yuck), and educated. I’ve laughed out loud, screeched and once yelled out to the TV– “*#*!!”

Take a look/listen to Josh answer a few questions at his panel during Dragon*Con. More to come from this interesting adventurer, traveler and monster hunter!  And don’t miss out on Destination Truth on the SyFy channel!


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