TV Fans Rejoice! Amanda Tapping is Back!

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Hey there TV fans!

We know you’ve missed watching Amanda Tapping on the small screen, but there’s great news! TVLine reports that Amanda has snagged a major reoccurring role on the wildly popular CW show Supernatural.    *Happy Dance!*

Amanda will make her first appearance as an angel named Naomi in this season’s seventh episode, titled “A Little Slice of Kevin.”
Check out the Supernatural Wiki’s info on angels in the series. They sound awesomely badass!

According to TVLine, the original casting breakdown called Naomi a “no-nonsense bureaucrat…[but] Naomi is less together than she appears to be. Her efficient manner belies a deeper emotionality.” Sounds like the perfect role for Amanda, who is very proficient in playing characters with subtleties and layers.

Big Congratulations to Amanda! Naomi sounds awesome!

Be sure to set your DVR’s! Supernatural returns for its eighth season Wednesday, October 3rd at 9/8c on the CW.

Need to catch up on all of the Supernatural goodness? The CW makes it easy for new fans to get hooked on this compelling series! You can order DVDs/Blu-Rays of the previous seasons (and pre-order season seven) or purchase full season digital downloads right from their site! The first six seasons are also available on Netflix.


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