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The Stargate Panel took place at CominCon in San Diego yesterday, and is reporting that an undisclosed member at the panel announced that David Hewlett and Robert Picardo will be the Atlantis cast members to guest star in the second season of Stargate Universe. It has been previously announced by Joe Mallozzi that there would be a crossover between Atlantis and Universe in the future, but up until now there was no announcement as to who would make that journey.

However, at that time Joe also stated that SyFy would make the announcement as to who would put in an appearance. After no doubt watching the ComicCon coverage himself, Joe posted this on his blog:

“If you were at the SGU Comic Con panel – or followed the fallout on twitter – you by now already know the identity of the two Stargate: Atlantis vets who will be putting in an appearance on Stargate: Universe.  Yes, it’s true.  Robert Picardo and David Hewlett will be reprising their roles as Richard Woolsey and Dr. Rodney McKay for a late season two episode titled Seizure.  As for who is experiencing the seizure and/or what is being seized – stay tuned!”

I can’t help but notice that Joe does confirm the news, but he also doesn’t say that there might or might not be more announcements to come. His original post on the crossover did seem to imply that there might be multiple guests from the Atlantis cast, potentially more than Picardo and Hewlett. That’s not to say we aren’t excited about having them back though! It’s going to be a difficult wait until the episode airs in early 2011!

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    I love star gate Atlantis!