Strange Frame: Love and Sax

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Strange Frame: Love and Sax

The Highlight for me at this year’s Dragon*Con was the screening of the movie, Strange Frame: Love and Sax, written by Shelley Doty and GB Hajim, and directed by GB Hajim.

Often written up as ‘The first lesbian themed Sci-Fi animated feature film’.  I found Strange Frame to be a truly remarkable and visually stunning movie – a musical, a love story, a sci-fi action adventure drama.

I’d waited some time to see this film. As a fan of Claudia Black, who voices one of the main characters, Parker C Boyd, I had followed the movie through Kickstart and anything else I could find online. So… when I found out it would be screening at the 2012 Dragon*Con Film Festival I was ecstatic.

The moment the theater darkened and the film began anticipation turned into excitement. I found myself quite spellbound.

From the start Claudia Black’s amazing and mesmerizing voice begins to tell Parker C. Boyd’s story of a saxophonist who takes off looking to play her music on the precarious moon – Ganymede, and meets Naia, a singer/guitarist. Parker winds up embroiled in a Debt Slave revolt – and falling for the lovely Naia.

The remarkable and not so Science Fiction theme of the Debt Slaves morphs through the story as Naia is rescued only to become a slave to stardom. It’s often a heartbreaking story which is highlighted by the haunting and emotionally moving soundtrack and of course Parker’s storytelling (incredibly voiced by Claudia Black) as her longing for Naia leads to a battle through the treacherous underworld as she strives to save Naia.

It wasn’t only Claudia Black’s voice that kept me enthralled. Other featured voices are Tara Strong, Ron Glass, Alan Tudyk, George Takei, Tim Curry and Micheal Dorn – (who upon me asking him later at Dragon*Con to sign my Strange Frame: Love and Sax poster spouted…”I wasn’t in this film.” To which I gave him the talking hand sign and said, “Your voice.” – “Oh.” He said, remembering.)

This feature film is yummy to the senses. Moments ebb and flow with emotions. There were moments that made me cry and moments that made me cheer.

Strange Frame – Parker and Naia

This Cutout Animation film is scheduled to be released on DVD hopefully some time March 2013! Don’t miss it! And be sure to keep your eye out for the Soundtrack.

Here’s a clip: Strange Frames site with Claudia Black, scroll down on that page to the video clip.

Also visit the entire site for the trailer, images, news, and interesting behind the scenes.

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