Farscape Panel: The Women of Farscape

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Farscape Panel: The Women of Farscape

The Farscape Panel was in a smaller room of the Hyatt, but  it was packed.  Still, I did get front row seat, which was very nice.  Today’s panel was just the women of Farscape with Gigi Edgley, Rebecca Rigs and Virginia Hey.

With the recent passing of Jonathan Hardy, the voice of Dominar Rygel XVI, the cast held a moment of arrogance and joy for this brilliant man! Also mentioning that all the proceeds from the sale of their Farscape items will be donated to Jonathan’s family.

Then they asked the guests; “How many of you started watching Farscape after it was cancelled?”  I raised my hand since I fell into that category.  Then the questions began.

What was the most poignant event or moment for you on the show?

Rebecca: Being pregnant acting is an amazing experience. Even though it was still Grayza, she shifted. Every time there was a shot of the belly I was trying to get him [the baby] to kick. I was really trying for an “Alien” moment.

Virginia: I think my last scene, my dying scene, was the most poignant, and beautiful, and sad.  The other was when my character cut off Pilot’s arm, I couldn’t understand why. It was really a turning point for the character before that she was a very spiritual and zen being.

What were your initial gut reactions when you were handed your character scripts?

Gigi: I got the audition and I was so happy because it was a Henson show and I was just a baby, like 20 something. I was just blown away because he’s done Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. So I went into the audition with my hair spiked up and all these piercings. And I was preparing and preparing and I go in and I said I know she’s an alien but what kinds of things do I need to do and they said “I just want to see if you can act”….  And when the makeup came on I was just blown away when I saw Chiana looking back at me. She was just so beautiful. She looked cool.

Do any of you have a favorite Farscape character and why?

Gigi: I think the one for me was the one you could always see and never see was the family we all created and the universe we existed in. Every single person on that set especially  the core cast they just brought so much. It’s not often as an actor you can explore your imagination. It’s such an awesome thing to do.

Rebecca: I don’t know if you know this but Grayza was not very nice.   And as I was acting the only character that screwed that for me was Pilot. I recognize that he’s not really a person, but he would be doing a scene and those eyes would look at me and I would just be like “ahhhh”…

So there is something about that design and the people who worked that design and the voice. Something about Pilot he’s just astounding.

Virginia: I have to agree. Zhaan and Pilot were very, very close. And Virginia and Pilot were very, very close. I was so in love. So many times I would blur the line between Virginia and Zhaan, I would find myself having the deepest emotions that Zhaan was supposed to have but really it was me. So I would be watching Pilot working and just watching off-set and I’d find myself just falling deeper and deeper in love.

At what point in the show did you forget that you were acting with puppets?

Virginia: Immediately. Because if we don’t believe that they are real people, then you won’t either.

In the spirit of Dragon*Con if you were going around in costume for the next couple days, who would you want to dress up as?

Virginia: You’re asking three actresses who wore heavy prosthetics makeup? I think we’d want to be naked! Or I’d like to be a sexy kitty cat!

Gigi: I love Cat Woman, Tinkerbell and Wonder Woman.

Rebecca: I think my answer is; I want to grow up to be a Steampunk.

Gigi:  Oh wait, I see a lot of women dressed as our characters!  She called one woman who was dressed as Chiana to the stage to get a better look at her costume and make-up.  Their conclusion was that she did a wonderful job, and then asked her how long it too to make the costume, put it on and how long her make-up took.

If you could exchange makeup with someone, who’s would you wear?

Gigi: Crichton’s.

Rebecca: And my answer is so different. I always wanted to be monstered so I say Scorpius.

Of course there was a lot of banter between the guests that I just couldn’t keep up with, so it isn’t in the panel review.  I had a great time and the panel was just delightful and funny. The Farscape women love going to cons, so if they are at a con you are going to be sure get to their panel, it will be worth it.

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