An Interview with Agam Darshi

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An Interview with Agam Darshi

Sanctuary fans know actress Agam Darshi for her role as the rebellious Kate Freelander. Despite Agam’s busy project schedule since the conclusion of her work on the series, she was able to make an appearance at Dragon*Con. Even better, she was kind enough to sit down with me to discuss Sanctuary and her many recent roles! Agam was fantastic, friendly, and personable. Unlike the nervousness I felt while interviewing the hilarious Robin Dunne last year, Agam quickly set me at ease because she was so easy to talk to. Interviewing her was a privilege that I won’t soon forget! Enjoy!

Want to see more interviews with Sanctuary cast members? We have met almost everyone, and there is more to come from this year’s Dragon*Con! Check out our interviews with Robin DunneChristopher Heyerdahl, and Amanda Tapping from last year at Dragon*Con!

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