Cosplay’s Rising Star: JJ Cirrus and Her Plans for FlashMob!

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Cosplay’s Rising Star: JJ Cirrus and Her Plans for FlashMob!

ChevronSe7en was able to spend some time talking to one of the new stars of the Cosplay world, Ms. JJ Cirrus.  JJ has been cosplaying for several years, and has won awards at the last two costume contests at Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetary’s “Sunday In the Park.” During the day, JJ is a medical researcher working on critical trials of life savings drugs.  Dealing with life and death all day, her costuming is a celebration of fandom that gives her an outlet for her artistic side. Her costuming has been recognized for its thoroughness, beauty, and creativity.  She’s very excited about her latest project, The Flash Mob–where costumes and photography meet the Atlanta club scene.

How do you feel about being considered a leader in Atlanta’s cosplay community?
It sounds trite, but it’s humbling to be recognized for my costuming, and I count myself lucky to be among the wonderful, talented coplayers in Georgia. I am truly grateful and always do my best to be a good ambassador for the community at large.

How did you get to be part of the costuming/cosplay scene?
I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I wore a costume once to Dragon*Con and was instantly hooked. Costuming is great as a personal creative outlet and it’s driven me to do more in the community. I volunteer with the Dragon*Con Media Relations Team and am the official “Ambassador” of a local steampunk group, The Artifice Club.

Tell about the event this weekend, The Flashmob – A different kind of Drag?
After a cosplay photoshoot with the Atlanta Photo Meetup group, the host, Eric Ellis, and I started brainstorming the possibilities of holding a larger event marrying our respective passions and communities – photography and cosplay.

We launch Flashmob this Saturday (Nov 17) by mixing photographers and costumers in one of Atlanta’s hottest nightclubs, Tongue and Groove. We welcome cosplayers from all genres: Steampunk, Anime, Goth, Drag, Lolita, Zombies, and more. We are opening the show for photographers of all skill levels to do what they do best!




Tell me about the Tongue and Groove and how a main stream club accepted cosplay?
Michael Krohngold and his staff at Tongue and Groove have been amazing! They were excited from the get go. They have rolled out the red carpet and are looking forward to seeing the creativity and energy of FlashMob. We really couldn’t ask for better partners or a more beautiful club for this event!

What other groups are involved?
The outpouring of support from the cosplay/costuming community at large has been so impressive! We are receiving support from many groups in getting the word out to the various fandoms. However, The Artifice Club and Girls of the Con have volunteered time and effort toward this event, which has been wonderful! The Artifice Club has really helped getting the word out and will be sending a large number of award winning costumers and members. Also, we have confirmed seven girls from the “Girls of the Con Calendar,” will be at the show! Everyone is excited.

We’ve also received support from Rogue Hair Salon, Dancing with Scissors , and Boy Does Makeup with performer/model prep offered on site at reduced rates.

So tell me about the photographers?
On the photography end, Atlanta Photo Meetup and Model Meetup have reached out to the larger meetup group and other area photographers. As Atlanta’s largest photography meetup group, we’ve been able to reach out to photographers both amateur and professional.

What can cosplayers expect?
Cosplayers can expect to enjoy the costume party in a club atmosphere and be photographed by many talented photographers. Plus, it is a great chance to see old friends and make some new ones as well!

What do you expect the reactions will be from the “regular” attendees?
Regular club attendees are sure to have a blast in the lively atmosphere. No doubt it will be a night to remember!

Facebook Page:

  • Free Admission to any costumed attendee
  • $5 off cover for anyone who mentions FlashMob at the door.
  • 8:30pm-10pm Networking and photography mash in “the joint” a new addition to Tongue and Groove NightClub.
  • 10pm-2am Paparazzi style shooting throughout the club. Be polite!
Venue Info:
565 Main St NE Atlanta, GA 30324

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