An Interview with Emilie Ullerup

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An Interview with Emilie Ullerup

While it has been some time, Sanctuary fans have not forgotten Ashley Magnus, the strong-willed daughter of Helen Magnus and John Druitt. Actress Emilie Ullerup, who pronounces her Danish name like we would pronounce “Amelia”, has certainly not been forgotten by fans either, and her career has flourished! Fortunately, she was able to take time away from her busy schedule to come to Dragon*Con, and she graciously accepted our request for an interview! Like Agam Darshi, Emilie was warm, friendly, funny, and very easy to talk to. Afterwards she hung around for a bit, chatting with us and giving me the chance to tell her about my amazing and hilarious interview with Robin Dunne last year. Let’s just say she wasn’t surprised! It was wonderful to meet Emilie and I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience! Enjoy!

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