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Samm July 30, 2010 Comments Off on She has Many Skills

Janina Gavankar plays Officer Leigh Turner on ABC’s summer smash The Gates. What some people don’t know is that she’s also musically inclined!

When she’s not filming The Gates in Shreveport, Louisiana and doing awesome super secret stunts, she’s hanging out with her fellow cast members and working on her music. (We wish we could have heard her squealing over the apparently super cool stunt she got to do. Squeals mean it must be awesome!) Ms. Gavankar sat down with MTV Iggy for a fantastic interview. You can POKE HERE to read it.

SpaceGypsies found out through Twitter that Ms. Gavankar was musically gifted when she tweeted about her new song, a remake of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown.” After hearing Ms. Gavankar’s version (and downloading it to our ipods), we agree that her version blows Kanye’s out of the water!!

Her voice is sultry and rich with a soulful vibe that draws you into the song and holds you prisioner.  She sings with passion that translates beautifully to the lyrics and makes you want to put it on “repeat.” The music has been remastered to more of a ballad than an R&B song. Using orchestral elements, she draws you in and keeps you there. You can almost feel the emotion of the song wash over you as she sings.

Kanye’s version lasted a total of 30 seconds before I had to turn it off. It was essentially the same song only with more of an R&B feel. The problem? It lacked the soul of R&B! It sounded like Kanye would rather be sleeping than recording the song. Maybe that was the case, but it made Janina Gavankar’s version that much better.

As if the song wasn’t hot enough of its own, there’s also a music video! The video makes you like the song even more and, in the words of Lord Monkeypants, “the toilet paper/gauze-strips outfit was hot. [I] kept waiting for it to slip although I knew it wouldn’t.” I think he’ll definitely look at her differently when we watch The Gates now!

I give Janina Gavankar’s version of “Love Lockdown” four out of five wagons.

I give Kanye West’s version of “Love Lockdown” one out of five wagons. Sorry Kanye. Sometimes the original just isn’t that good.

According to the MTV Iggy interview, Ms. Gavankar is working on a few “secret music projects.” We can’t wait to find out what they are!

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