Once Upon A Time, at Dragon*Con . . . .

PlayItGrand November 27, 2012 No Comments »
Once Upon A Time, at Dragon*Con . . . .

What are your chances of meeting Gepetto, Jiminy Cricket, Grumpy the Dwarf, and one of the writers who brought them out of books and fond childhood memories to play again on our TV’s? Normally, zilch. At Dragon*Con? Anything can happen! Tony Amendola, Raphael Sbarge, Lee Arenberg, and writer Jane Espenson headlined a very popular panel at Dragon*Con. It was so popular that my seat was so far back in the ballroom that I eventually turned my camera to film off the jumbo screens rather than the stage. I must apologize for the quality of this video for that reason. I did what I could to compensate for poor lighting and contrast, but thankfully the sound came out well, and these guests had some truly fascinating incites for Once Upon A Time fans. Enjoy!

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