3.2. STARGATE SG-1 SERIES 3: PART TWO – Due out in December

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A quick note on the Stargate SG-1 Big Finish Audio Drama, Part Two from Paul Spragg.  As some of us know this series has been running behind schedule.  I got worried and asked!


The sound designer/musician was already running late on it because the previous box set overran. Then we had some releases he was working on that were impossible to move in the schedule and something had to give. Sadly, it was Stargate. I’ve got final edits of all the stories now; just need to get MGM approval and then it’s off for mastering ASAP!

It’s still definitely going ahead, it’s just been a victim of us trying to cram too many things into one schedule!


So hopefully we are going to have the second set in December!

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