ChicagoTARDIS: Does the Classic Series Matter?

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ChicagoTARDIS: Does the Classic Series Matter?

There were some really great discussion panels at ChicagoTARDIS last November. Often fan discussion panels at conventions are mediocre at best, but there’s something special about ChicagoTARDIS. I have attended the convention for two years now and have yet to experience a bad panel discussion. It may have to do with the combination of published Doctor Who experts leading the discussion and the knowledgeable and enthusiastic fans who aren’t afraid to speak up and contribute. The result is a truly engaging discussion that you don’t want to end.

This particular discussion sought to answer a question that is near and dear to my heart: Does the Classic Doctor Who Series really matter? How important is it and should fans of the news series acquaint themselves with the Classic years? My Answer: Absolutely! As much as I wanted to contribute to this discussion, having grown up with the Classics, and been reluctant to watch the New series until it really embraced it’s roots, I decided to plant my audio recorder down next to my friend and convention companion, Stefanie, and go across the hall to cover a cosplay discussion panel led by SpaceGypsies’ friend CasualCostumer. That panel will be posted in the coming weeks. Having listened to the discussion that my recorder picked up, I wish I could have been in two places at once! Enjoy!

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