ChicagoTARDIS: The Sarah Jane Adventures Panel

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ChicagoTARDIS: The Sarah Jane Adventures Panel

Some fans may not realize that Doctor Who spawned not one but two spin-offs. It’s something I that I didn’t realize until two years ago. Created by Russell T Davis, The Sarah Jane Adventures series was the complete opposite of it’s sibling, Torchwood. Watching it reminded me a lot of the classic years of the Doctor Who series in style and humor. Doctor Who was originally intended as an educational program, teaching in science and history. The Sarah Jane Adventures was a series aimed at preteens, and while the stories had morals about working with people there was no real focus on history or science. It centered on Sarah Jane Smith, journalist and former companion of the Doctor portrayed by Elisabeth Sladen. With the help of the neighborhood kids, her adopted son, K-9, and the occasional application of sonic lipstick, Sarah Jane does what the Doctor does – protect Earth from extraterrestrial threats. At ChicagoTARDIS, actors Anjli Mohindra, Paul Marc Davis, and script editor Gary Russell reminisce on the four season long run of the series and remember the late Elisabeth Sladen.

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