Cineprov! Returns To Atlanta April 7, 2013

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Cineprov! Returns To Atlanta April 7, 2013

Cineprov! practices the art of mocking movies, which is known by comedians and improvisers as “riffing.” Starting April 7, 2013, Cineprov! will be practicing this art at one of Atlanta’s most storied movie theaters, The Plaza Theater on Ponce De Leon, Ave.  This is an exciting development on Atlanta’s cultural landscape and indicative of the new creative focus of the Plaza ownership, as well as the quality and reputation of Cineprov!’s own brand of entertainment.

For the audience member, Cineprov! provides an appeal in the blending of a comedy riffing with a distinctly local flavor. “We make Atlanta jokes, and our Atlanta audiences get the jokes,” said Johnson, “but more importantly, Cineprov carries a wide range of one-liners and can follow a joke about playwright Harold Pinter with one about farts.”

Formed in 2005, Cineprov! has evolved from a twenty-five theater in Buckhead to its current home at the Plaza Theater.   Originally founded at The Basement Theater, Cineprov! outgrew that space and found a home with the Sketchwork Theater of Avondale estates before moving to the relapse theater, where the performed for several years. Promotions Director Dan Carroll, the newest member of Cineprov!, said, “I had tickets for Cineprov! at Will Call the day the Relapse Theater closed in December 2012. I was devastated.”

Cineprov! members gathered together to plan what do next and while they were waiting for a new theater home, they practiced their improvisational craft, their writing, and their ability to deliver a better show to the audience. They produced a handful of Cineprov! Shorts, mainly focusing on short hygiene films. During the hiatus, a core team of improvisational experts emerged in Larry Johnson, Ken Hudack, Don Emery, Molly Getson, and Lowrie Scott Taylor.

In February of 2013, the Plaza Theater announced they are bringing Cineprov! to The Plaza for regular Sunday night showings.  “Beginning April 7,” said Johnson, “we will be providing improvisational comedy and some scripted gags to the 7:30 plaza show every Sunday.”

Opening night, the respected troupe will be skewing the Canadian/Finnish film “Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal.”  According to Cineprov! founder Larry Johnson, “There are lots of zombie movies, but the sleepwalking cannibal is under-represented in American Film.  Thankfully, the Canado-Finnish alliance filled that gap.”  When asked about the content of the film, Johnson said, “We make fun of movies and are grateful when a movie like Eddie comes along that gives us so much to ridicule.”

“The plaza is a natural home for Cineprov! because the new ownership is really emphasizing retro and unusual film. We will l have no problem making fun of most of the movies they provide for us,” said Emery.  The Plaza Theatre located on Ponce Deleon Ave, is oldest continuously operating movie theatre in Atlanta, and the only truly independent art theater in the city. Hosting the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Silver Scream Spookshow and Splatter Cinema, the theater is used to unique programming.




1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone: (404) 873-1939

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