ChicagoTARDIS: The Parent Trap

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ChicagoTARDIS: The Parent Trap

While Doctor Who started out as a children’s educational program and has always been family friendly, the aspect of “family” has never played a huge role in the classic series. The characters tended to be unattached to their respective worlds, making it easy for them to disappear with the Doctor and unmindful of when they will return…if ever. In the rebooted series, family plays a much bigger role, particularly when it comes to the parents of the Doctor’s companions. This hour at ChicagoTARDIS, fans engaged in a fascinating discussion about the role parents have played in Doctor Who, for better or for worse.

WARNING: This panel includes SPOILERS for recent events! If you are not caught up on the most recent season, either get caught up before you listen to this panel, or be prepared to plug your ears and hum loudly!

I have to apologize for the quality of my audio at times during this panel. Unknown to me my digital recorder picked up on some interference. I have no clue what did it. Maybe the cubes that were scattered all over the convention hall? Where’s the Doctor when you need him, right? The static is annoying and does happen several times, but it is temporary. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy!

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