Seriously, Dan: Try Something Tuesday! (Don’t listen to Yoda.)

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Seriously, Dan: Try Something Tuesday! (Don’t listen to Yoda.)

Lights on Broadway we blame it on.

Seriously, Dan does not accept the Jedi adage of “there is no try.” Of course there’s a *try.* How else do we learn and get the lessons we need to succeed? Jeez, Yoda…you put so much pressure on the padawans.

Make Tuesday your experiment day. Maybe you have something you are doing okay and you want to do it at a higher level…up your game! Maybe there’s something you have been putting off…take a risk, try it. You might not succeed. You might fall on your face, but you learn something.

Thinking of asking out a young lady or gentleman? Do it today. Thinking of updating the resume? Take a hour to work on your career tonight. Putting off something? Do it now! Let this be the day you take some of your vague thoughts and ideas and make them into concrete actions with no expectations of success, but with the enthusiasm to know your ideas are worth the risk. So …go try!

Tuesday, the song says, is gone like the wind. But, while it is still here…try something new, try something better. Hike up yo bootstraps, tighten your belt, get a sense of humor, lighten up, and try something.

Disclaimer: Try something new, but don’t walk into traffic blindfolded and claim Dan told you to try it. Conquer your fear by trying; don’t disregard your personal wisdom.

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Yoda Picture Courtesey of Scarlett Robotica of  Big Shiny Robot:

Dan Carroll photo courtesy of JC Barger.

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