MomoCon- Friday LittleKuriboh Panel

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MomoCon- Friday LittleKuriboh Panel

Viola~!! (…In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding ….Okay, I swear I’m done. Late nights make me crazy! XD)

If you happened to catch my previous article on Momocon, you may have noticed my enthusiasm in regard to one guest in particular.

If you didn’t notice, don’t feel badly…  I’m a very subtle person when it comes to my fandoms. If you read over my Little Kuriboh diatribe and found yourself confused, I recommend a quick jump on Youtube and a search for “YGOTAS”, “YGOTAS BBT”, or “Card Games on Motorcycles,” in order to clear things up.

(However, if you didn’t read the Momoc-article: SHAME! That’s at least ten demerits! Go read it, and then come back!)

…Homework all done?


With any luck, we’re all on the same page by this paragraph, and by the ‘the same page’ I mean that you, my dear reader, are well aware that I think LittleKuriboh is the


…Well you know how the internet has memes? You know how 4-chan is the birthplace of most of them?  If you’re at all versed in either meme-culture or youtube, imagine this: LittleKuriboh is to Youtube what 4-chan is to the bulk of the internet. He created a whole genre. He is the sole progenitor of a plethora of visual, verbal, and situational catchphrases as well as a one man force behind the resurgence of interest in Yu-Gi-Oh in general.

If you are a fan of ANY “abridged” anything, you not only owe LK a debt of gratitude for the very existence of the idea, but chances are that whatever you’re watching stole a joke or two from him along the way as well.

If you’ve watched any of the Godfather movies, just imagine him as an imposing don of the comedy/anime/cardgame fanbase…but super sweet and WAY less likely to put a horsehead in your bed.

Basically: “all your funny are belong to LK.” (Even if, “Shady could have done it better.”)

(If you don’t understand a word of that, fear not: I’m in the process of splicing together “Abridged! A Retrospective”–a short mockumentary that will hopefully explain just about everything. In the meantime, chuckle knowingly, and no one need be any the wiser!)

All that aside, Martin Billany is hilarious, something of an unintentional visionary, and the man responsible for making the ‘anime abridged’ phenomenon on youtube what it is today.  I was SO excited when I found out that THE LittleKuriboh would be attending Momocon, and was not disappointed by any encounter I had with him.

Unlike many ‘celebrities’ (internet or otherwise), he maintained a laid back attitude, absolute fan-friendliness, a real sense of humility, and  STIll had that ever present, razor sharp wit. Sure the other big names had their ‘autograph time’, but LittleKuriboh was probably in the dealer’s room voluntarily for something like 90% of the convention.

The line was understandably long, but I have to admit I was impressed by how pleasant he was, even by the evening of the second day. He was just ‘chilling’. Answering questions, taking snapshots, posing, and speaking amicably with his fans. The guy was just incredibly REAL about everything.

(I think I may have to stalk him. *achem* O.O <.< >.> ( …In a friendly, non-creepy manner, of course!) )

Did I mention that his wife is hilarious, too? Because she is!

Now I’m going to be honest and admit that while I was aware of LK’s divorce, I had NO idea that he’d remarried. With that in mind, it makes sense that I wouldn’t have the slightest idea who he was married to. However, after this initial panel…I was really disappointed when Marianne Miller wasn’t at some of the following ones.

She’s not some random hanger-on either. She’s got a wit to rival Billany’s, an amazing range as a voice actress, and stage-presence to spare!! I absolutely loved how they played off each other!

On the topic of “this panel,” though… The footage below was taken from the first in a series of three panels LittleKuriboh presented during Momocon 2013. I made it to two out of three (which ‘ain’t bad’ according to Meatloaf).

The second panel in the series included a preview of Yu-Gi-Oh Season Zero Abridged #3, and was covered by reporters with FAR superior equipment, so I didn’t bother splicing it together from my fragments. Youtube it if you’d like, but I’ll admit that I thought the greeting and the prank call were the highlights there.

The following video is from Friday’s LK Q&A Panel, and happens to feature the beginning of the infamous “shower games” joke.

I’ll apologize now for the audio and video quality. As far as phones have come, they are still no match for hands shaken by giggling and sound obscured by distance and a large gathering. Next con will be better technology-wise, promise!!

In the meantime, I captioned it so that any non-Momocon-going fans can delight in the in-jokes as well! I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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