Seriously, Dan!: You Can’t Do Anything You Want

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Seriously, Dan!: You Can’t Do Anything You Want

But, you can do something amazing!

As much as Seriously, Dan! supports encouragement, risk, and endeavor as a website and online presence, there is one thing that we can not embrace. There is a lie told to children. It’s told to teenagers, and young adults too. It goes like this “You can do anything you want to in life.”

Now, before I go into the damage caused by that sentence, let me just say that we can all do more than we are doing…and we can be so much more amazing. We can live lives of mystery and wonder and do things we doubt we can do. If you have ever heard how I came to be living my current life from a time in my life when I was unable to walk and unable to buy groceries, you would know how much I believe in getting up and doing stuff and making your own life better. We can all be more, do more, and we can be part of everyday miracles.

However, we can’t do everything well. We can’t. It’s just part of the diversity of human life and existence. It’s tied to our skills and tied to our talents that support our skills. It is a product of our interests and desires. Indeed, it is part of who we are.

Examples for me are singing, wining a long hair contest, being an a

If you can not do everything well it does not make you less of a human…it makes you fully human.

Now, the secret to happiness is to find out what we can do, what our talents, skills, drives, ambitions, dedications, and focus are….and coordinate them with our desires and wishes. We need to honestly look at the overlap…and more honestly look at the areas where there is no overlap.

Since I was 5 years old I have wanted to write genre fiction. I wanted to create those characters that just resonate with the fans, I wanted craft scenes that would influence philosophy and behavior while still entertaining. I wanted to be Frank Herbert, Stan Lee, Anne McCaffrey, Roy Thomas…I wanted to create my own worlds and walk with these giants.

So why didn’t I?

I wrote a YA book in 1995 that was not horrible. But, I lacked the confidence to see I was afforded the opportunity by the bust to actually be a stay at home dad and write in 2002. I let the opportunity pass me by. I don’t have what it takes to write fiction. Oh, I have the mechanical skills, but I don’t have the patience nor the love of solitude it takes. For instance, the book from 1995 I wrote because I was unable to walk, so my solitude was naturally imposed.

I have a way with words, if not the keyboard. I have a good sense of structure that I developed as a software engineer and technical writer. But, man…I just want to be around people too much to be a full time long firm writer. I need to interact with people.

Also, my love of the story is a valid thing, but English is such an annoying language. And I don’t have the desire to craft a perfect story that it would take to be an excellent writer. i love the story I concoct in it’s native form and hate writing what writers call “the stuff that no one reads.” I want to get to the core and write dialogue and action. And I am smart enough to know I don’t want to pro

So…there is this thing that I wanted to do…write long form fiction/comic books for a living. I never did it. (Yet?) But that’s okay.

But, my devotion to genre has become a very successful hobby for me. I love being able to share and communicate this amazing world of creativity with reporters.

We each have our own unique blend of talents and gifts that we need to explore and nourish. In the end doing what I do is, to me, the coolest thing. I consider myself blessed every time someone contacts me with a new project. I love the planning and the message and the making friends. If I had spent my time as a frustrated writer, I never would have had the willingness to try this new thing.

So, don’t get discouraged…pursue your dreams using your talents and skills. Get new skills. Develop patience and flexibility. You will find your best self. Just don’t beat yourself if you can’t do everything.


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