Continuum Returns for Season Two

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Continuum Returns for Season Two

After having aired the first season just this Spring, the SyFy Channel didn’t take too long to decide that Season Two of Continuum was worth picking up. A Canadian sci-fi series filmed in Vancouver BC., this Showcase series is doing well in the States.

Reports state that Season One’s ratings on SyFy averaged 1.35 million viewers (537,000 adults in the 18-to-49 demographic) over the course of ten episodes. That’s not spectacular, but it’s nothing to shake a stick at. The second season will be comprised of thirteen episodes. It has already been airing in Canada since April 21, and we here South of the boarder will see it (legally) starting this Friday, June 7th.

I was first clued into Continuum by a Canadian Twitter follower who thought I would enjoy the many familiar faces seen in the show from my favorite franchise…Stargate SG-1. I once wrote that you know you’re a Stargate fan when you can watch almost any show and recognize someone from Stargate, knowing exactly who they played, and the episode they were in. Now I can add to that ever-growing list, “you know you’re a Stargate fan when you can watch other shows filmed in and around Vancouver and recognize the location from Stargate episodes, right down to what the place was used for and the episode it was used in.” I kid you not. Think I’m joking? Ask me. I dare you.

Not only do I enjoy watching the familiar faces in Continuum, but I enjoy the series for what it is. It’s the story of a Keira Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a high-tech cop from the year 2077, who gets pulled back to our time when convicted terrorists use time travel to escape execution. She quickly discovers their plan – to change the future by altering the past – and she uses her limited resources and the help of a computer wiz kid, Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) to try to prevent the Liber8 terrorists from achieving their goal. But can she? Is she stopping Liber8, or is she just going through the motions of events that already happened? Will she ever make it back to her time? It’s a complicated story. Time weaves, overlaps, and tangles, leaving you with questions that are difficult, maybe impossible to answer. As a drama it’s great. As a scifi series it’s engaging, thrilling, and beautifully done. If you are looking for good scifi, I highly recommend Continuum.

One of my favorite familiar faces on Continuum is Tony Amendola. I felt truly privileged when I was able to interview him last Fall at Dragon*Con and ask him about the show, particularly what is in store for his character, Edouard Kagame, for Season Two. Check it out!

Continuum will begin it’s second season this Friday at 10/9c on SyFy Channel.

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