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SpaceGypsyMama’s Review – Fanfiction Author Eilidh17

One of my all time favorite Stargate SG-1 fanfiction authors is Eilidh17.  I found her on the Fanfiction.net site years ago.

An amazing writer in any category; part of Eilidh17’s stories are what is referred to as KidFic (downsized SciFi characters – usually by some alien interference!).  And although I don’t usually read ‘kidfic’ I found her’s to be very funny and entertaining. Hysterical in fact!

And her Daniel and Vala fics make me sigh with joy. She populates many Stargate fiction genres, not just kidfic or Daniel and Vala.

Eilidh17 started her ‘Kidfic’ version of stories about two years ago. My favorites are the series with Stargate SG-1’s Jack O’Neill who’s raising the downsized Daniel Jackson and the wonder and joy of the Isis tales. Isis being Daniel’s kitten and Jack’s nemesis! Very funny and quite magical.  Be sure to read them all, they remain hilarious throughout!

The chemistry between Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson is displayed with genius in Eilidh17’s Isis stories, even though those two are out of their normal realm.  From “Isis” a Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction:  (Jack O’Neill)  “Danny calls her Isis, I call her Mikta, and the grey bundle of fur currently perched atop my lounge room drapes calls herself queen of the felines.”

The thing I most like about Eilidh17’s stories is how she keeps these two characters in character. She passed on her vision of the characters, Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson (in any size).  Quoted below.

There are two things though that I really do try to keep in mind when I write these two guys up – Jack is a hardened soldier with an undercurrent of emotion that he displays sparingly.  Daniel is not a whimpish person.  My teeth hurt at stories that have him dependent on Jack for everything or way over the top on the emotional sliding scale.  He is a well balanced and brilliant person, we all know it… so to write him any differently is a slap in the face to the character.  Just my opinion there.

Find Eilidh17 fictions here and here and here.

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