C2E2 2013: Peter Davison, The Fifth Doctor

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C2E2 2013: Peter Davison, The Fifth Doctor

With the success of the new series, interest in the classic Doctor Who series has blossomed, and has brought the classic series cast members with it to visit fans both new and old. As far as the Doctors go, Peter Davison is as classic as you can hope to meet, at least here in the US. Three of his Time Lord predecessors have passed away, and the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, does not travel outside the UK for health reasons. Tom passed the TARDIS to Peter in 1981 and he kept it until 1984. The fact that fans had to use every foot of standing room available, and many had to be turned away, just goes to show that time has not lessened the interest of fans. As the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who draws near, it was wonderful to meet the Fifth Doctor!

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