Mash-Up: Beer, Wil Wheaton and Twitter

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Mash-Up: Beer, Wil Wheaton and Twitter

Why am I writing about beer? Because I can write about things I love. I love beer, especially IPA – India Pale Ale.

I found this on Wikipedia – “The first known use of the term “India Pale Ale” is an advertisement in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser in 1829.” This is the first time ever I looked up any information on any kind of beer.

Okay, enough with the history lesson. I don’t really know the how, or why of IPA’s or any beer for that matter. And I’ve had plenty of Brewery tours! I just know I love beer (not as much as champagne, but that’s another story).

I’m a beer drinker, not a beer connoisseur like Wil Wheaton! Not a home brewer or brewmaster, like Wil Wheaton! I’m a fan of beer. I’m also, and have been since Star Trek TNG, a fan of Wil Wheaton, Geek Extraordinaire.

I don’t understand the haters for Wesley Crusher. It was great that there was a smart, funny, young person on a starship learning the ropes, so to speak. And as a mother I like the idea of having my child with me as I traverse the universe.

Then again, I realized somewhere along the line that I love the things in Sci-Fi that get a lot of flack. (Like Stargate SG-1 episodes – Moebus part one and two – one of my all time favorite!)

I’ve garnered a lot of info from following Wil Wheaton’s twitter @wilw about beer, geekiness, gaming, and Sci-fi conventions.

If you are ever in the south, (come on down, Wil!) here’s a list of awesome Breweries I love:

Abita Springs Brewery, (Abita Springs, LA) and more importantly Abita Springs Brew Pub. I’m quite fond of this Brew Pub and love sitting at the bar. Not only are the beers yummy, but the food is great!

Lazy Magnolia Brewery, (Kiln, MS – in the Kiln -read – In the Kill) You’ll find that most people like the Southern Pecan. Me? I’m all about the Deep South Pale Ale. It goes well with boating, btw.

Crescent City Brewhouse, (Decater St, New Orleans) I spend a good deal of Mardi Gras day here. Red Stallion and fresh shucked oysters- oh yeah!

And my new Favorite?

Crooked Letter Brewery, (Ocean Springs, MS). M, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, humpback, humpback, I – that’s how we learn to spell Mississippi in the south. The tour and the beer tasting is like being at a large friendly family gathering with awesome beer.

They have a ‘Gipsy IPA’! Though it’s spelled differently, you know I have to love this one.

And now for the rest of this story… I love twitter even though I’m not addicted to it, or on it frequently, maybe daily once or twice. I still enjoy most of the tweets that I follow. I particularly like that Wil Wheaton never tells me about his migraine headaches if he has them. Any tweets about physical ailments are relevant. You know, maybe a slight and infrequent mention of a hangover. This of course relates to the beer portion of this post.

Wil Wheaton is a geek and proud of it and being a fangirl I totally enjoy his tweets. I don’t know squat about gaming, and he’s a big gamer, so I find those tweets educational. It makes me want to be a gamer.

I don’t follow many on Twitter, less than 150 and I don’t have many followers; about the same number as I follow. But I do like many of the tweets. I follow @campyspornshack, if it wasn’t for Campy, I’d miss out on a lot of information about @TheClaudiaBlack (my favorite actor) because Campy is on it like a blood hound!

Speaking of Claudia Black, I can’t remember if she drinks beer, so this is related to the Twitter part of the post. Having her on Twitter makes this fangirl so frelling happy!

Be sure to follow @spacegypsies, @wilw @TheClaudiaBlack, oh, and me! @spacegypsy1 on Twitter.

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