Review – Inevitable – Fiction by Daniel Hope

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Review – Inevitable – Fiction by Daniel Hope


Inevitable is the story of Tuck, the last Bot, having survived the Bot Riots and who at 150 years old, is literally falling apart. In the beginning, Tuck is pitifully comical as he searches from planet to planet for spare parts and immortality. Danger and intrigue dog his every awkward step.

A seemingly endless line of collectors are after him, but Tuck’s worst danger comes from those who want him for a much more sinister reason.

The Bot, desperate for repairs, makes a deal that gets him deeper and deeper into trouble and further and further and from his true self.

Often troubled by his past Tuck tries to hang onto his original nature. But the humans entangled in his pursuit for missing parts, keep him on the edge and threaten to undermine his determination to not kill again.

Populated with amazing characters, Daniel Hope also paints an exciting and picturesque backdrop from spaceports to spaceships as he manages to keep the reader enthralled with new twist and turns. The action keeps going while noting Tuck’s self inventory of failing parts.

We witnesses Tuck’s past as he pulls up memories to re-experience. These little gems are sprinkled throughout the story at just the right point so that we understand clearly and profoundly what keeps Tuck going.

There is so much depth to this story. Including human insight from Tuck’s own search for the meaning of life and death.

I love a story when I know where I am and can distinctly see the characters. Daniel Hope has a gift for letting the reader be drawn into the characters and their purpose, while we root for some and fear for Tuck with the others.

Not over crowded with technobabble, there is still a strong account of the Bot’s mechanics, well defined planets and spaceships and clear-cut writing that gives us visuals of each scene, each character.

Inevitable is a must read. I give it five out of five wagons.

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