Dragon Con: An SGMT Preview

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Dragon Con: An SGMT Preview

Dragon Con is fast approaching, and Stargate fans going to attend the convention have a lot to look forward too!

If you’ve checked the SGMT site recently, you may have noticed that the guest list has grown yet again! Here’s a run down of the new guest list!

Richard Dean Anderson: The Man Himself returns to Atlanta! He must have enjoyed himself because Richard is not known for doing many public events. It was amazing to meet him last year, and I’m thrilled that he’s coming back!

Louis Ferreira: As Colonel Everett Young of SGU, Louis plays a strong, solemn leader. Louis himself however is the complete opposite. Maybe we can get him to sing Manah Manah with our Snowth friends again, and get it on camera this time!

Ona Grauer: Ona’s first role in Stargate was as the Ancient woman, Ayiana, found frozen in Antarctica in SG-1’s Season 6 episode ‘Frozen’. As such she had a brief cameo in the SGA pilot. Later she returned to the franchise as Emily, wife of SGU’s Colonel Young.

Christopher Judge: Another actor who is nothing like this character, Chris played Teal’c, the stoic Jaffa who befriended Earth to free his people from false gods. Chris is known for being the prankster on set, and since I have heard many of his stories in person, I can tell you the stories are not exagerated!

I think of Dan Payne and Alex Zahara as a package deal. Both are difficult to recognize because so many of their roles have involved costuming and prosthetic makeup that make them unrecognizable. Both have also played many many roles over the years. Most notably, Dan is known for playing the Super Soldier, a.k.a. Anubis’ Kull Warrior. Alex’s roles include Michael from ‘1969’ and the Unas Iron Shirt in ‘Enemy Mine’.

Teryl Rothery: As the much loved Doctor Janet Fraiser, fans still shed tears for Janet’s untimely death in Season 7. Teryl has been a big hit at conventions in the past, and her first Dragon Con will be no exception. Fans will not know what hit them when Teryl takes the stage!

Mitch Pileggi: Mitch was introduced to Stargate fans as Colonel Steven Caldwell, commander of the Daedalus, on SGA. Before that, he was well known to fans of The X Files.

Jennifer Spence: As Doctor Lisa Park on SGU, Jennifer played an important role in coming to understand and survive aboard the Destiny. Since then, Jennifer has taken on an impartant supporting role in Continuum, another fantiastic Canadian sci-fi series.

Mika McKinnon: Stargate would not be what it was without people like Mkia behind the scenes, using science and math bring realism to the sci-fi. Mika will be moderating fan discussions during the course of the weekend.

So what am I looking forward to the most? That’s a hard question! Is it seeing RDA again? Maybe it’s meeting the guests that I have not seen before, like Mitch Pileggi and Ona Grauer? I think what I am looking forward to the most is the one panel that will include RDA, Teryl Rothery, and Chris Judge. If there is going to be insanity and maehem during any one panel during the course of the weekend, I bet this will be it, so I’m going to make sure I’m there for it!

So, where will you be Labor Day Weekend?

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