Dragon Con – Never a Dull Moment

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Dragon Con – Never a Dull Moment

Never fear… there will be Klingon Karaoke Labor Day Weekend!

Dragon Con is truly the most amazing fan adventure to be had! Every year the guest list gets me so excited I can barely wait! I’m almost packed and had the oil changed in my car for the five hour drive. It’s the last ten days waiting that make me crazy!

I’ve check off my list of those I’ve missed in passed years or those I’ve never seen. Teryl Rothery, Check. Lucky Lawless, Check. Benjamin Radford, Check. Erin Ryder, Check. Anthony Simcoe, Check. There are plenty more to see, but I have to have a top list to even begin to navigate the guests, panels and films.

I’m particularly interested in the paranormal tracks and the skeptic tracks. That’s my typical life in paradox focus. I am especially looking forward to seeing Benjamin Radford, writer, skeptic, investigator, podcaster (Monster Talk) and creator of the game: Playing Gods: The Board Game of Divine Domination. Also, very interested in hearing Travis Walton, author of the book Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience.

At some point I’m going to have to scope out George Takei – I need him to sign my Strange Frame movie poster I got last year at the Dragon Con screening. Not to mention I’ve been hooked on Star Trek from the day it aired!

Over the years at Dragon Con it’s always wildly amazing the celebs you see at the coffee shop – Felicia Day, at a restaurant – Virginia Hey and Torri Higginson, or at a bar – Lavar Burton, Jason Mamoa. Also rode the elevator with Jason Mamoa. And had a delightful time being smushed into his back while walking across a crowded sky walk!

The Fan Tracks are a favorite: Paranormal, Costuming, StarGate Multiverse to name a few.

The costumes are so incredible. I love the evening when people are wandering around in costumes – awesome photo ops there.

There is so much to see and do that each year I try to go a different direction and still catch a bit of my favorites, get through the Walk of Fame and snag some autographs, and try to catch a Farscape panel.

You can search the web for all things Dragon Con and see the wowness of this Labor Day weekend event. But… if you have never experienced it you are missing the best part. Being there!


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