Dragon Con 2013: Richard Dean Anderson

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Dragon Con 2013: Richard Dean Anderson

A year ago, I couldn’t believe my luck when it was announced that Richard Dean Anderson would be coming to Dragon Con. I had never met the man, and had all but completely given up hope that I ever would. That Dragon Con saw a lot of dreams come true, so imagine my surprise when I saw that Richard was on the guest list again this year! I could hardly believe my eyes! Two years in a row! Needless to say his panel was on my must-see list, and I wasn’t disappointed. Although I kept waiting for some very brave fan to take the mic and deadpan, “So Richard . . . what’s with the hair?” you have to admit he looks great. He really tackled the questions that were thrown at him very well with all his trademark humor. I hope you enjoy watching his panel as much as I did!

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