Book Review: A Chair Between the Rails

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Book Review: A Chair Between the Rails

A Chair Between the Rails.

Vaulan Cycle, Book 1

By  G. T. Anders

This is a novel for people who truly love to read. G. T. Anders delivers a a tantalizing tale of intrigue that draws you into each scene with eyes wide and expectant.

I particularly love the way he introduces his characters, folding them in like a baker carefully adding every delicious ingredient to produce the perfect treat. Anders does not waste one word in his style of writing. The descriptions are well done without a speck of run-on, woven delicately through the narrative as not to over shadow, but instead paint the perfect picture wherever the characters are.

The story offers up creepiness, is full of secrets, personal introspection and a monstrous beast who seems to be stalking James Feckidee, the main character. Having recently lost his uncle, one who James looked up to, James also is dealing with raising his son, Austin, alone and protecting him from the beast. But stranger things are happening, including seeing Uncle Phil, who’s funeral James recently went to, wandering in the mist.

I really don’t want to give anything away because reading, speculating and discovering the secrets of the Feckidee family is the gist of A Chair Between the Rails.

There is so much to this story to delight the reader and I recommend this book. I know I am looking forward to next one.

A Chair Between the Rails is book one in a series and you will certainly want to read the others that are to follow: The Tower of Babel and Make Words with Me.


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